Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MotoG 2nd Generation Unboxing

I ordered the phone yesterday from Flipkart and it was delivered within a day, no I didn’t take the one day delivery option. So yay!

To be honest all these weird posts about Snapdeal and Flipkart sending bricks instead of phones did get onto me. I was quite paranoid about ordering it, but the delivery was so quick that well it didn’t matter.

So MotoG 2nd Generation is for ₹ 12,999/- which according to what I read on other websites and based on YouTube videos is pretty reasonable and worth its cost.

The phone came in this sturdy box

I got a ₹50/- recharge from freecharge.


It had a bubble wrap around so that it is not damaged during the delivery process. The box was in the best condition possible.


The phone is sleek and easy to handle. However I didn’t really like its look, you know it doesn’t look that great. Those speakers in the front are weird. Although they work awesome.

It came with a charger, earphones and a couple of manual both in English and Hindi. Another disappointing thing is that there was no USB cable. I like to charge my phone via USB and how am I supposed to transfer stuff from PC to Phone? I guess I’ll have to buy a new USB.


  1. I have heard a lot about this phone. This looks really classy! <3


  2. The best phone in its class, you must been thanks to this, cause you didn't had to suffer with moto e's internal storage