Saturday, November 29, 2014

Silence Is Not Always Golden

Strepsils #AbMontuBolega campaign focuses on the importance of speaking up for what is right.  We have trained ourselves to ignore things that don’t matter to us. To avoid getting in trouble by speaking up and that is the reason we are facing so much trouble. This campaign tells us that it is important to speak up when needed.

When a hero in a movie stands up against wrong doings we enjoy that, appreciate it and for some motivating seconds feel like doing something like that. The moment movie is over and we are out of that dark room into the real world we forget everything about it and continue to ignore things and choose not to speak up. When did speaking up become so difficult?

I am glad that #AbMontuBolega campaign is happening. If a campaign is going to help us speak up and make this country a better place then I think more such campaigns should crop up.

Speaking up doesn’t mean only to the officials and bring about a revolution. There are so many everyday things that needs to be changed. That needs a voice and we should be that voice.

How many times have you seen someone litter on the road?
How many times have you seen someone pee on the side of the road?
How many times have you ignored eve teasing?
How many times have you come across domestic violence?
How many times have you come across cases related to dowry?
How many times have you seen people break traffic rules? Or how many times have you broken traffic rules?
How many times have you paid at a government office to get work done?
How many times have you inquired if the chotu who brings you cutting chai goes to school?

There are many other issues which need our attention and voice. I am not saying that we must have faced all the above mentioned issues, but I am sure that you could relate to at least one of it and what have we done about it? Nothing.

We are so busy in our life that we don’t have time to voice our opinion.  We want our filmy heroes to do the right thing, but when we have the chance to be the hero we avoid it.

It really doesn’t take much. It takes 20 seconds of courage and you’ll be happy with what you did. It doesn’t take much to help a girl who is subjected to eve teasing at the railway station. It definitely won’t take much to tell someone to stop littering; it will make our city cleaner. Denying to pay at government offices to get work done would help curb corruption issues. Make it a point to not break traffic rules, if each one of us decides to do that I am sure traffic issues will go down as well.

Let’s bring speaking up back in fashion. Let’s decide to speak up and be a hero everyday! #AbMontuBolega would motivate you to do so!

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