Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bombay Blue – Phoenix Market City, Kurla

After a hectic week, couple of friends and I decided to unwind with some bowling and good food. After going through the entire list of restaurant available at the Mall we decide that Bombay Blue is going to be the place. It was crowded with no place to sit; we immediately regretted our decision as we were looking for some quite place. After waiting for about five minutes we got one corner table.

We ordered one Carlsberg, Mojito, Corona and a Caprioska for me.
Mojito and Caprioska were good. Perfect for the little buzz that we needed before we start the day.


For starters it was Garlic Bread and Fries Mexicana
Garlic bread is my all time favorite and these guys didn’t disappoint me. Although in the menu it was mentioned that Fries Mexicana has cheese!! I expected a lot of cheese but there wasn’t enough.

We settled for sizzlers, Thai sticks and Italian Pasta
Thai Sticks sizzler is vegetarian. I didn’t eat much of that, I did taste some and it was okay as was our Italian Pasta (I think I am writing the name wrong but it was definitely Italian something sizzler). I didn’t find is amazingly delicious but when one has good company all the not so tasty food doesn’t seem to matter.

It turned out that the manager was an old school friend, so well he used his privileges and gave us a discount which all the more added to the happiness. I would like to thank him for that.

I would give it – 3 and a half on 5

Cost for 4 – ₹ 3777/-

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