Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cupid Game

            The classic proposal includes candle lit dinner, a ring, good music and lots of flirting. I know we both are romantics at heart and would love to follow the pattern. However I also believe that there has to be something different which shows effort, so that it is the same old with a personal touch.
            He is an IT and Social Media guy, his life revolves around codes, computers, social media etc. I kind of am interested in what he does but things like coding etc doesn’t interest me or rather I just don’t understand it.

            To build up to the big question, I plan on doing a couple of little things to which he just couldn’t say no to. A blog, a game and dinner made by me.  As I mentioned, he is a social media enthusiast and so am I. Back in the day when I had thought of doing something for him, blog was my first option. It would be nice to have our stories on a blog, we can even later turn into something that we blog at. You know like a project that we are doing together (I think that would be fun).

            I don’t know how feasible the next thing that I plan on doing is. I’ll talk to some friends or find someone who could do it for me. I would love to make a small computer game, not very jazzy or intense. Like the flash games that we had when we were kids. A treasure hunt or maybe something where the Prince rescues the Princess and then they live happily ever after.

            And the next is, cooking for him. I am terrible at cooking. It is an achievement if I get the Maggi right, no I am not exaggerating. Actually I had once tried to cook his favorite dish for him but ended up messing it. He came over and then fixed the dish. Even thought I didn’t go according to the plan, I really found it very cute that he came and fixed my mistakes. Something like we complete each other right? NO? Okay! L  

            So well, the plan is clear now. I would invite him over for dinner and I would make the entire dinner by myself without anyone’s help! Candle light, music and then just us! When things are set I would ask him to complete the game and the end of which I shall pop the question. Hoping that he would say yes, I would then show him the blog and then we shall write the last chapter of our love story together and then begin a new chapter about our camaraderie!

Celebration of love is important, it is also very important to show your partner how much you care about them. These small little things that people do for each other which shows that they care keeps the love alive. It needn’t always be something big something small yet thoughtful does the trick!

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