Friday, January 30, 2015

Mr. Modi sure knows how to put up a show

The last time I remember watching the Republic Day Parade so religious was sometime in school when my uncles made me sit and watch explaining everything that was happening. The TV used to be brought to life broadcasting the parade live every year but no one really sat down glued to it.

However this year, the hubbaloo about the parade started at least a week in advance. With Obama gracing the event it hubbaloo level shot right up. So this year, I got up and fixed my eyes to the
TV, postponing all my work until the parade is over. Half way through the telecast I realised that media has done what it intended too, or should I give the credit to Mr.Modi? Let's give credit to both of them. Mr. Modi knows how to put up a show and be in the news and our media knows exactly how to attract the audience.


  1. he sure knows how to put up a show .. even have his name marked on the suit he was wearing :)

    politics is all but a show who creates the most histrionics wins


  2. Let's patiently wait and watch how he fares. Let's not judge him so fast.