Saturday, January 31, 2015

Open Magazine - The Desperation of the Marathi Groom

I read this -  article yesterday and it immediately struck a chord with me as I did breakup with my long term boyfriend so that I could do something with my career first. I am doing my masters and plan on getting a good job etc before I think about getting married. Then there are those times when I wonder if I made a mistake by not getting married and going after my ambitions. You see there are two sides here.

            So the article speaks about how women these days are more career oriented and how they are not in a hurry to get married because they have the stability that marriage offers already thanks to their job and good salary package. The article also touches the topic of female foeticide and how that has affected the men women ratio.

            It’s true that women are getting more career oriented and that has given them the freedom to wisely choose their partner. It’s not how it used to be 10 years back, when the male was calling the shots – the tables have turned mister. This makes the feminist in me very happy. Isn’t this something like the olden times? When Swayamwar was the "in thing". On the other hand, if this is happening because the sex ratio is off charts then that’s something to worry about.

            People usually say that women should be independent and career oriented and should be equal to men etc. but all this goes straight into the dustbin when it comes on to them to support such a woman.

            The article specifically talks about Marathi Groom, and I can understand why. Being a Maharashtrian I have seen those typical men who still believe that men are above women, yes including the well educated people.

            I am not of the opinion that the desperation is justified but I am glad that women are finally getting over the “Need to get married before I am 25” phase and stepping into “I need to do well in my career” phase. This also doesn’t mean marriage is not important but so is your Life, Money, Independence and Career!


  1. Be Independent then take the responsibility of the family. (when one is above 25)decisions can be taken more wisely.

    Good change. Kudos.

  2. end of the day i think it should be a individual choice who or when they want to marry


  3. Pooja, not just Marathi groom.. All men are the same when it comes to marriage. They want women to be less qualified/equally qualified than them... Earning less than them! They expect them to take care of household chores and continue to act as if they are bread winners.

    Nice one!