Monday, March 2, 2015

Fitness Apps that I Use

I think I have spoken about how I have tried and failed and repeatedly kept failing at maintain my body weight. I won’t call myself obese but definitely over weight. So it has been my aim to lose weight and try and get fitter for a long time now. Unfortunately, my love for food and lack of motivation has religiously helped me not achieve my goals.
            I thought that if I had some things to keep myself in check I would do better. So there I was on Google play trying to find the perfect apps that would help me track my progress (or not so great progress) I want to say that this helps. You just need a little bit of motivation and you could really go a long way with these.
            I wanted apps which are not very clattered, which are simple and does its work properly. I am listing down 6 apps below.

Water Your Body
I cannot emphasis enough about how important water is in your weight loss/ fitness routine. You just cannot miss on this. Every fitness video/book focuses on water and its importance. This app remind you to drink water every one hour. I sounds something that you don’t need but trust me guys, there are times when I go an entire day without enough water. This app remind me to keep sipping on water and it really helps.

My Fitness Pal
This app helps count calories in your food. You can log in all your meals and it would tell you how much nutrients you need. It would also keep a check on your calories obviously. It’s like your personal nutritionist.

As the name suggests, it keeps track of your runs, walks, strolls etc. it would calculate your speed, pace and calories burnt. If you are training for marathon or just want to build up your stamina then it also has planned training sessions which helps you achieve your goal.

Google Fit
This is a pedometer. Very basic but very useful. It just tracks the number of steps. Very useful for people who don’t have time for actual workout, you can at least try and walk as much possible so that it help you reduce.

Sleep Better
It’s not always about running about and working out. Making sure that you body gets enough sleep and rest is also important. This app helps you gauge your sleep patterns and how good you sleep was. Just turn it on before going to bed and you will know about your sleep in the morning. It also has a dream diary for all those dreams you keep forgetting about later.

7 Minute Workout
Again something for people who don’t have much time to exercise. I wouldn’t say that this is your one stop workout but you can definitely try this when you really have no time for workout. 7 minutes is all you need.  It also has a workout to get rid of that flab.

Well that’s all I use. If you want to stay updated with my fitness struggle then you can follow my blog, follow me and share your fitness stories and we can be friends who push and inspire each other to do better at fitness. -

Follow me and share your fitness stories and we can be friends who push and inspire each other to do better at fitness.