Sunday, March 8, 2015

Self Defense Tips also Happy Women's Day!

Happy Women’s day!

I however don’t really feel very great about this day now, it gave us a chance to celebrate our womanhood. However, with things that are happening around us, I really don’t think that celebrating it is of any use, not that I am ashamed of being a woman but I, like all other women, hope that things were better.

I was in a conversation few days back about women safety and a friend pointed out that when a woman is being eve teased none of the spectators come to her rescue. Another friend argued that “Why do you need someone else to come rescue you? Rescue yourself girl!”

She continued, “Imagine you are in a bus, and you have a knife in your hand. Do you think anyone who even bother coming close to you?”

Now I know this is a little extreme, but she had a point.

Yesterday, I went to the Indiblogger’s Meet. They had a self defense workshop planned, it was very helpful! I am just mentioning a few pointers that may come to your rescue ( I hope you never have to use them )

Self Defense Tips
1-     Carry Pepper Spray or other self defense object ( I know this is obvious, but there are still many people who don’t carry it. It could really be of use )
2-    If you don’t have Pepper spray then use your deodorant, it would be enough to distract the attacker for a few seconds.
3-    Everyday objects like a Pen, Pencil, Hair Clips, Keys and Comb etc can be used to stab the attacker.
4-    RUN! Yes, just run!
5-    SHOUT! Sometimes the alarm causes the attacker to run away.
6-    Use apps that make a loud noise.
7-    Use your palms to punch his nose, imagine you are throwing something and sit just as hard.
8-    The attacker generally expects you to be scared, attack back.
9-    Use your nails, head, and foot. Keep hitting
10- Kick on the knee, it is one of the delicate part to hit.
11- If the attacker approaches you from behind, use your heels and stamp on his feet, kick him, use your head and push backwards so as to hit his face/nose.
12-  f he is holding you from behind and you can grab his pinky finger, then grab is and pull it backwards. It would free you immediately.
13-  If is holding you from behind, use your elbows to hit him in the stomach of groin.
14-  If  the attacker is strangling you then hit his adams apple and the hollow between the collar bone, it will immobilize and suffocate him immediately.
15- Keep in mind that the attacker is not expecting resistance, he think he is way powerful than you. Surprise him, attack him.

If you want to do a Self Defense course you can contact Sanjay at 9769950284.

You can also check out my vlog -

PS – if you know any other tips then please comment below so we all learn a few more tips.

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  1. Helpful tips.
    Hope all are safe & no one has to follow these. Will be possible in a good world where women are equal & respected...

    1. I hope so too, but these days you never know when you might have to protect yourself.

  2. Shout!!!
    I think every women of capable of that!
    Thanks for the tips :)

    1. Yes, sometimes that alarms the attacker enough

  3. Definitely.. and not just women self defence is a must for everyone ..


  4. These are some really helpful tips dear! I need to buy pepper spray soon!

    1. You should, if not pepper spray then you at least some other self defense object

  5. A much needed post. Good you took the initiative !

  6. Top 14 Self Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know

    Ladies need to make self-security a higher priority. The more educated you are, the better set you up will be in the occasion you are focused by a predator. By engaging yourself with information, your fear won’t heighten, it will decrease. Follow these women self defense tips to prevent from becoming a victim.