Tuesday, March 17, 2015


            It was a particularly gloomy day and I was in a much grumpier mood. With nothing planned for the rest of the day the morning felt slow and dragged. It was just one of those days where you want something good to happen to make you believe that your life is not as sad as you think it is.
            She was chatting with a friend/crush, she wasn’t very sure about what is happening or what is the current status of the relationship with him. She hoped for something good to happy (Like him asking her out or something) but life isn’t that easy, is it? This failure in her love life was another thing that was keeping her mood grumpy. She was sure that she was making it obvious that she likes him, then why isn’t he saying anything? She mentioned that she needed to out somewhere and that she was bored home, he immediately asked her to think of a place to go.  She was in no mood to come up with a plan and thus asked him to do the honors. He said we could go to starbucks and chill there for a while. She agreed and they decided to meet in an hour. He picked her up, the thing that she liked was that he made sure to pick and drop her every time! Like really every time. Isn’t that just cute?
As decided, they met and went to starbucks. She likes this place, it’s huge and has a very earthy feel to it. They sat down at a table and she liked how he sat down next to her and not opposite her. The conversation was never ending, they could actually speak about anything under the sun and she loved that, basically she just loves talking. Hours flew past and they decided to leave. As they reached the car he asked what she wants to do next, she was surprised, she thought this was it. Apparently it wasn’t, he wanted to spend some more time and she wanted that too. They decided to go to Marine Drive completely forgetting that it was a bright sunny afternoon and that it would be extremely hot there, they realized it upon reaching there. Five minutes in the sun and they realized they have to leave unless they plan to get a sunstroke.
They googled about placed nearby and found that there was a park which was adjoining the Sea, by the looks of  it seemed that the park would have a great view. So they headed there. The park really was wonderful, lots of trees, some ducks and birds that they couldn’t recognize, some older people sitting in groups and discussing their life and a few fitness freaks jogging and exercising.  They decided to walk for a while, they came across a part where there a few benches facing the sea. It really was an amazing view. They decided to sit there and watch the sunset and there they were sitting #together facing the sea watching the sunset in silence. She liked how even the silence between them was comforting.


  1. Glad that they had a good time together that day! Hope things work out for them just the way they want it for them!

  2. Nice to spend together-time like this :)