Thursday, March 5, 2015

When Fear Turns Into Hope

Me – I have missed my chance, it is too late to apply anywhere now.

I was talking to a friend after a disappointing day of Google searches and innumerable calls to all the institutions that were offering Masters Course. I was planning to do Masters but all the places were already done with their admission process and it looked like I had to wait another year.

He – Mumbai University is still open, you can try there.
Me – I will apply but I really think I won’t get selected. Students from all over the country apply there, they have a strict entrance test and plus that’s my only option. It just doesn’t seem that easy.

I applied, but I was sure that it isn’t my cup of tea after all everyone keeps complaining about how difficult it is to get into masters.

Forms filled, documents submitted and there I was wondering if my only option would turn out to be The Option! As soon as I entered the department to fill up the form I felt connected. Many of my seniors had done their masters from this place and I had heard so many stories about it. The place just didn’t feel different; it was like I knew this place all along.

The day of the entrance test arrived and the nervous I reached the venue 15 minutes earlier. I looked around and there was a sea of students everywhere. Some were confident and some nervous, I was losing my confidence with every passing minute.  

I went to check the sitting arrangement list and checked what my seat number was, the next thing I checked was the last seat number, it was 578. So there were 578 students in all participating, my course has only 20 seats. Knowing that my chances were really very meek I wondered if I should even bother giving the exam.

As I started talking to people around, I learned that some of them were professionals who wanted to pursue further studies, some were from different cities and were discussing possible questions that might come for exam and honestly didn’t understand half the things.

It was time for the exam. I took a deep breath and thought that this is it; if I just give my best in this exam I might just get selected. There surrounded by 500 other students I started giving prep talk to myself.

It all comes down to this; if you crack this you will have a Masters Degree!
Just give your 100%.
This is no time to be cold feet and scared.
Think of it as roadies audition, Written Test and Group Discussion and then Personal Interview.
Overcome your nervousness. Don’t doubt yourself!
Turn your negative thoughts into positive.
Believe in yourself.
Be optimistic!
Play Make Believe!
Fill yourself with optimism!

And with that thought I entered the room, already believing that I had got selected. Already believing that I am indeed the best and will definitely get selected.

All the three rounds of the Entrance Exam (Written Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview) just went perfect and I came out smiling! :D

PS – I not only did get selected for Masters but also topped the Merit List!

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