Tuesday, March 24, 2015

YouTube Fan Fest India 2015

            I was devastated and very upset last year when the event first happened in the city. I so wanted to go, I tried everything to get my hands on the tickets but somehow I was just not destined to go there. It was a feeling that something you want is happening so close to your house and still you can’t go. A friend had also suggested gate crashing the event, but that was impossible right?

            A similar fate followed this year, before I knew it the tickets were sold out, didn’t win anything in all the contests that my favorite YouTubers were hosting. It was again so close to my house that it really felt irritating that I was not going. Then one of my friend told me about one contest that this lady was hosting on twitter, it was a lazy afternoon and I decided to try my luck one last time. I even messaged him that I don’t really think I’ll win anything. The contest began, I answered all the questions and at the end of it all I got a tweet from her saying that I won!!!

            I checked, then double checked and then triple checked if this was really happening. Details were exchanged and boom! there was a couple ticket in my inbox.  Upon reaching the venue we realized that we had actually bagged a Special Guests tickets and that we were sitting upfront! It really was a dream come true.

            In all this excitement I had almost missed on one little email sitting right in the bottom; it was an invite to the YouTube Creators Academy which was happening on the day after the Fan Fest. The mail mentioned that all the YouTubers (also the ones I was star struck by) were going to attend this event. The Creators Academy was super good! I’ll do a different post on that.

Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho ... to puri kainath usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai

            Well what can I say? Mr. Shahrukh Khan was indeed right! After a year my wish came true, after a year something that I really wanted was turned into reality.

            The fest was amazing! all the performances and acts were so amazingly planned out and it really was an experience!

I even vlogged at the event, Please check out my video 

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