Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Reasons Why ASUS Zenfone 2 Is The Phone For Me

            Phones are such important part of our lives. These days almost everyone is dependent on their cell phones. I don’t need to emphasize how we use phones for more than just making calls. Almost every few months a new phone is launched and then I go through the specifications to see if it fits my needs, the ones which fits my needs are generally over my budget. However ASUS Zenfone 2 hit home immediately!
It charges up fasts, don’t we all need this? In this fast paced life no one has time to patiently wait for the phone to charge.
            Ultra-Thin Edges Zenfone 2 is just 3.9mm! I am not a sucker for slim phones, I mean that wouldn’t be a deciding factor for me considering that these days almost all the phones are thin. However 3.9mm is impressive. The first thing that came to my mind was that it would fit perfectly in my clutch. You know those times when you are attending a function and are carrying those nice little dazzling clutches and then your phone decides to be all rebellious and refuses to fit into that little clutch? Well I face that all the time, I hate that bulging clutch, this phone should solve my that problem immediately. Also, would fit snuggly in my jeans pocket.
            Ergonomic Arc Design with Intuitive Rear Controls – It has REAR CONTROL!!! How cool is that? It has a physical rear key which helps in better control. Also tacking selfies are a lot more easy, so all you selfie obsessed people this is the phone you need to buy. Adjusting volume, navigating etc is just super convenient.  I did have Motorola phone back in the day which had a track pad on the back and it was a very useful feature. I am glad that this phone as this feature, it really makes the daily handling super quick. Also plus point because it designed to  be used by both right – or left- handed people.
            5.5 inch Screen the phone boasts an a nice 5.5 inch screen. They have kept the bezel width to a bare minimum giving Zenfone 2 a remarkable 72% screen to body ratio. The screen obviously it the most important thing and good that they decided to keep that in mind. The bigger the screen the better really for me. I keep taking videos and pictures and at times watch movies on my cell phone and this just fits the bill perfectly.
            Personalization  Zenfone 2 has a variety of panels and colors available. Being a girl, I love to customize and change my phone covers almost every day. Everyone gets bored with the same old thing right? I love it when the back panels are readily available so I can change the look of my phone regularly.
                See What Others Can’t See I have saved the best for the last, how can we not talk about the CAMERA!? Being a blogger and a new YouTuber camera is something that I use the most on my phone, taking pictures and videos have become a part of my life. This camera boasts a 13mp rear camera 5x legan lense and dual LED real tone flash. It has a 5mp front camera.

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