Thursday, April 2, 2015

My Choice?

            It’s funny how people are so quick and inconsistent about their views these days, thanks to Social Media people are able to express themselves however the sad part about this is that sometimes people express without thinking.

            Let me go a little off topic, I am so fed up with ScoopWhoop and BuzzFeed articles on my timeline and those over the top headlines stating that THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING/TERRIFYING/UNBELIEAVABLE THING ILL EVER SEE! I have stopped checking out those videos and articles but this My Choice video was shared by almost all my friends along with praises of course. So I saw the video, and honestly I liked it. Yes I was a little weirded out when she said that sex outside the marriage line but didn’t bother about it, it’s her choice right?

            Two days later the same people who were all praises about it were talking ill about the video. I honestly found it very funny. Looks like a bandwagon effect, doesn’t it?

            People need to understand that it’s all just PR! The bandwagon effect needs to stop and people need to make an opinion for themselves than just follow what others are saying.

Here’s the video, in case you don’t know what I am talking about

PS – Notice that the Red dot is repeated in this video and in Deepika Padukone’s upcoming movie Piku. Coincidence? I don’t think so. 


  1. Yes Pooja,exactly the same happened with me too.Even before I could see the video ,I had heard of both these opinions. I just feel there is suddenly a lot on women empowerment. I think instead of that people should do videos which appeal to men rather than making them stand in a corner. They should make videos which help men relate to the issue, like maybe promise to treat their women well. Make them understand that women give a lot in a rel ationship and expect a lot back, as its their nature and women should be treated with respect. If we dont involve the men we are just making ourselves happy and nothing is really going to change. I believe in Women Empowerment but we have to keep Men in the process :)

  2. This is certainly a publicity stunt!

  3. Gosh! Aren't people growing crazy over women empowerment! Its actually getting a bit annoying. Its not even the kind of women empowerment we need!