Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get Fit with GOQii – Week 1

Getting fit and looking fabulous is a dream that we all have but for some of us achieving that dream is a little bit harder than others, I am one those few for whom it’s super difficult. That dream almost turns into a nightmare. I wanted to lose some weight and get fit for quite some time now, who doesn’t want to look amazing and make those heads turn right? But somehow I lacked motivation; I gave up on me a lot of times.

I kept doing some exercises that I read about online or saw on YouTube, did some diet which friends suggested etc but nothing really helped me. A reality check happened when earlier this week during my morning walk, I fainted. That’s when I realized that I need someone to guide me through this and I can’t do this on my own.

Going to the gym etc was something that I wasn’t very fond of; I needed a better healthy lifestyle and not 2 hours at the gym every day. I researched online and found GOQii and it completely fit my bill.
I shot them a mail asking for details and was surprised how quick they were with the response. I was impressed. I immediately signed up for a 3 months program and decided to do a Fitness Series tracking the progress on my blog.

They sent me the activation code and helped me set up the app so that I could start immediately. I was asked to fill up a form regarding my lifestyle, food patterns and medical history. Once all that was done a coach was assigned to me who will coach me via the app, you can decide the intensity of the program too from Easy going to Strict. I chose Easy Going.

The coach later called me after going through my form and told me the dos and don’ts keeping in mind my lifestyle, food patterns and likes and dislikes. She even said that if I am not comfortable with any of the changes then I should let her know immediately so that she could give me other options.

She stressed on the part that this is not a strict diet or regime. This is process of molding myself into a better healthy lifestyle rather than making harsh changes in my lifestyle which would be difficult for me to keep up with. She also explained why she is making certain changes and how it is going to help me. Soon after the chat, I received the meal plan and I was happy to see that she had made it in a way that I could easily manage within my time and my mean habits.

I received the band the very next day and again I was impressed by how quick the service is. The band is light so I don’t think it would bother. I chose the black one as I feel it would just go with my daily outfits.
I am excited about this new little thing in my life J will keep you posted! :D

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