Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Biryani360 – Review

I liked the concept of Biryani360 the minute I heard about it. They make healthy Biryani with less oil, lots of vegetables and light as opposed to the general Biryani which is very heavy and so very high on calories!

They have an online ordering system which is very convenient and easy to navigate. They don’t have a lot of options as of now, just two – Veg and Non-Veg. I obviously chose the non-veg option. The unique thing is that, they have time slots. So you choose what time slot you want the food delivered and they’ll do it accordingly. This is so that they get enough time to freshly prepare your order.

I got my Biryani delivered within the time slot that I had selected. The packaging was good as well; it came in a properly divided plastic tray which made sure that all the things stayed in their compartments.  It came with Raita, so that was good. All in all I really liked the concept and I am sure I would order it again soon.

They also take party orders, in case you are interested in that.

Biryani360 is not your typical Biryani. It has less oil, is light, fragrant and features no garam masala. So keep an open mind when digging in! Expect a traditional Biryani and you'll be disappointed. Expect something different and you'll love it.


  1. Oh great :) I will definitely give it a try..

  2. They are sham in the name of health..If it has to be healthy they should make in brown rice and not refined oil..