Thursday, August 27, 2015

Oriflame Love Nature Range

            Product launches always excite me especially when the new range has something that I like. Oriflame’s new Love Nature range is neem based and I really appreciate that. If there is one thing that I use without thinking twice then it is anything that is neem based. The good thing about this product is that it is paraben free, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

            They had organized a bloggers meet at Blue Frog in Lower Parel to introduce the products. Oriflame’s brand ambassador Sonali Bendre was also present and she spoke about her experience with the product. Oriflame gives amazing product and quality at a very reasonable price which makes it everyone’s favorite. They also have products which suit all skin types so they win brownie points there as well.

              I have already started using the Neem Facewash and the Clay Mask and ill do a full review after I use it for a while.


Friday, August 21, 2015

The Fastest Network Ever!

Airtel recently launched 4G in India.  It claims to be the fastest network ever in India and honestly that did get me interested. I quickly started figuring out what I could do with it. If you are a blogger you would know how important internet is for us. We have to be online all the time, and just being online doesn’t do the trick. We have to be quick as well. We can be at an event, attending some function, lazing around at home, shopping in the city; travelling, cooking etc the list can go on. We have to be able to keep our social media updated all the time.

Speaking of social media, it also reminds me of how many different social media platforms are out there. Gone are the days when just the facebook account would be categories as being on social media. We have to be everywhere Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat and a lot other things.
That’s the exact reason why I was so interested by 4G, it guaranteed not to slow me down when it comes to work.  As I am a journalism student it is mandatory for us to be updated all the time. 

Although I find that difficult most of the time, I do try to keep myself updates via different news apps and twitter feed. This fast internet would definelty help me to be on top of all that all the time. I could read up news and articles really fast on the go and keep myself updated.

I could update my snapchat and instagram accounts super quickly and also stalk other people on my timeline. There is a reason why people take pictures, it is to capture memories so they can refresh their memories later. What’s more  fun is to share it with others in real time.

I am also a YouTuber, watching YouTube videos has become an obsession now and I am loving it. There is so much out there to watch and explore, there are so many people out there to connect with and make friends with. Now I can do all that on the go as well! Gone are the days when travelling in this city that never sleeps was boring, tiring and time consuming. Now whenever I am stuck in traffic instead of curing about it, I would spend the time socializing, watching videos, reading up articles and connecting with the virtual world to know what’s happening.

Skyping and Periscoping is so irritating at times. Half the time is spent over trying to reach to the other person. Periscope broadcast when pixilated doesn’t look nice. Well now I hope all that would be fixed with the super fast internet.

You can check out about Airtel 4G internet here -

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How To Take Perfect Selfies

Understand your angle
This is the most important thing! Everyone has their own special features and parts of face which when highlighted make you look super awesome. A top angle is the trick that most of us use as that universally makes everyone look fabulous!

Understand the lighting, I know it sounds technical but it isn’t.  Just keep in mind that the light source should be soft and directed towards your face. Perfect example is a picture taken near a window. The sunlight is not direct but perfectly lights up your face. If you turn away and face your back towards the window then you would get a much softer and dreamy look, this won’t highlight your facial features but it would still look good.

Yes, filters have this amazing way of totally transforming our picture. So before you put it up online just go through all the filters and choose the one which makes your picture look the best. I personally sometimes even get away with just adjusting the Brightness, Contrast and Warmth of the picture.

Skincare and Makeup
Come on ladies, we all know that I just woke up like this selfie never really is as perfect as we make it seem. A lot of editing and filters go into it. Thus it becomes very important to take care of your skin everyday and highlight at least one feature; a simple Kajal can make a lot of change.

A Good Phone
A good picture is difficult when you don’t have a good camera. That’s where ZenFone Selfie (ZD551KL) comes into picture, this phone has 13MP PixelMaster camera dual-color, dual-LED Real Tone flash both front and rear, plus laser auto-focus for ultra-fast shots with complete clarity.  It also has a Beautification mode which applies live digital cosmetic to add some magical glamour to your pictures.

I went for the Asus Zenfone Selfie's bloggers meet and absolutely fell in love with the phone. You can check out my vlog below

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Books on Toast - Book Exchange Party on August 25

A One of its Kind Festival for Book Lovers in Mumbai on August 22, 23

Books on Toast is a Book Donation Drive and Sale conducted in Mumbai by Anuya Jakatdar, an avid book lover and social media junkie. The drive, in its fourth edition this year, begins with patrons donating books at various drop off points across the city for a three-week period, which culminates in a sale at The HIVE, Khar on Saturday, 22nd and Sunday, 23rd August, 2015 from 12 pm onwards. This year, in partnership with The HIVE, Books on Toast has transformed into a two-day books destination with a lot more activities added to the agenda that range from book signings and readings by popular authors to a Book Pub Quiz and a Book Exchange Party, making it a true celebration of books and those passionate about them.

Proceeds from the sale go to the Dharavi Art Project, an NGO dedicated to bringing art into the lives of children living in Dharavi.

Here is a complete schedule of shows that will be a part of the Books on Toast Festival

August 22, 2013
12 pm: Book Sale Starts

What Makes Great Characters Great, an interactive talk by N Shatrujeet : 3 pm to 4 pm

Shakespeare for Dummies by Karishma Attari: 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Humour By Women (As Explained to a Boy) by Kiran Manral and Shunali Shroff, moderated by Kunal Kamra: 7 pm to 8 pm 

August 23, 2013

12 pm: Book Sale Starts

Story of Ahalya by Katha Project: A workshop : 2.20 pm to 3.30 pm

The Books on Toast Open Mic for Storytellers: 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

A Workshop in Writing and Getting Published by Meghna Pant: 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm

Pub Quiz: 8 pm onwards

But that’s not all. On August 25, we are welcoming book lovers and readers to congregate at Dolally Taproom, Bandra for a Book Exchange Party, 7 pm onwards – a party that allows for mingling over books. You walk in and drop your book at the entrance, and walk out with a new one giftwrapped for you. Besides that there will be games, plenty of secret announcements to keep you busy through the evening

Books On Toast has been conducted for the past three years at various locations across Mumbai, and has been successfully replicated in Bangalore and Chennai. In the past, we’ve raised funds from Rs 22,000 to 60,000, which have benefited various organisations supporting children’s causes, like Hamara Footpath and 3…2…1 Education.

Address: The HIVE, 50-A, Huma Manison, Opp Ahmed Bakery, Chuim Village Road, Khar Danda, Khar West, Mumbai 52

Learn more about Dharavi Art Room here -
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Friday, August 14, 2015

The Evening Spent Cake Hunting

It was our professor’s birthday on Tuesday about which we got to know on Monday. All of us started planning about what all we could do, we wanted to be the first one to wish him. In all the planning we almost forgot to arrange for the cake, you see at times when one get super involved into something one tends to forget the important things.  

I was searching online for cake shops near my place which open up early but came across a few sites which sends flowers and cakes to whoever we want, and  Ferns N Petals. Ferns N Petals appealed to me. I wasn’t even aware that we have a gifting site in Mumbai. I went through the site and arranged for some flowers and chocolate to be delivered at my professor’s house.

They also have same day delivery, so quickly booked a yummy chocolate cake to be delivered at my house so that I could take it to the university next morning and celebrate his birthday there.
As soon as I ordered I was worried if it would reach on time, if the cake would be good enough, I was majorly worried about the quality of the cake. I am glad that it all turned out to be perfect!

Professors become such an important part of our life right? Not that I am a teacher’s pet but I love it when I am in my teacher’s good books. I feel I am lucky that I had teachers who helped mould be into a better human being.  My school teacher made me realize what I wanted to be when I grow up, my college teachers helped realize what I need to do to be good at what I am doing and my Master’s teachers helped me broaden my views and look at things from a different angle.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

You Are Useless

I have become so bad at expressing my feelings to people that generally I just end up saying things that are completely opposite. 

Recently I have started using the word Useless to express my affection.

So if I call you Useless then don’t be affected just set it up in your mind that it means something nice.

It’s amusing how we all have made up our very own language. 

The word “Loser” if said with the right affection wouldn’t  be offensive at all.