Friday, August 21, 2015

The Fastest Network Ever!

Airtel recently launched 4G in India.  It claims to be the fastest network ever in India and honestly that did get me interested. I quickly started figuring out what I could do with it. If you are a blogger you would know how important internet is for us. We have to be online all the time, and just being online doesn’t do the trick. We have to be quick as well. We can be at an event, attending some function, lazing around at home, shopping in the city; travelling, cooking etc the list can go on. We have to be able to keep our social media updated all the time.

Speaking of social media, it also reminds me of how many different social media platforms are out there. Gone are the days when just the facebook account would be categories as being on social media. We have to be everywhere Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, Snapchat and a lot other things.
That’s the exact reason why I was so interested by 4G, it guaranteed not to slow me down when it comes to work.  As I am a journalism student it is mandatory for us to be updated all the time. 

Although I find that difficult most of the time, I do try to keep myself updates via different news apps and twitter feed. This fast internet would definelty help me to be on top of all that all the time. I could read up news and articles really fast on the go and keep myself updated.

I could update my snapchat and instagram accounts super quickly and also stalk other people on my timeline. There is a reason why people take pictures, it is to capture memories so they can refresh their memories later. What’s more  fun is to share it with others in real time.

I am also a YouTuber, watching YouTube videos has become an obsession now and I am loving it. There is so much out there to watch and explore, there are so many people out there to connect with and make friends with. Now I can do all that on the go as well! Gone are the days when travelling in this city that never sleeps was boring, tiring and time consuming. Now whenever I am stuck in traffic instead of curing about it, I would spend the time socializing, watching videos, reading up articles and connecting with the virtual world to know what’s happening.

Skyping and Periscoping is so irritating at times. Half the time is spent over trying to reach to the other person. Periscope broadcast when pixilated doesn’t look nice. Well now I hope all that would be fixed with the super fast internet.

You can check out about Airtel 4G internet here -

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