Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tricolour Display Picture

As I logged in on my facebook yesterday my timeline was filled with people adding the tricolor filter to their display picture. More I saw it, more annoyed I got. So you support Digital India? Nice, good. We all should support it but understand what can be the repercussions! Take note that I am using the word ‘can’ in my previous sentence. There is a high possibility that this changing of display picture can be used as a support toward Internet.org. Doesn’t it seem very fishy? Facebook launched Internet.org, they received some slack. A few months later our PM visits facebook and talk about digital India. My question is, why do we need facebook to come and provide internet to the rural India? Why can’t our government provide the rural areas with internet which is not going to try and limit their access?

On one hand we are talking about Make in India and the rise of entrepreneurs in India and on the other hand we are trying to curb their reach online by bringing in projects like Internet.org

Facebook is good, we should make efforts to make it available to everyone possible. But that can be easily done by providing them with internet access where they can access any site that they want and not just be limited to websites that are approved by facebook. Internet.org changed its name to ‘Free Basics’. I can think of a lot of ‘Free Basics’ that India needs right now other than Internet. Education, better sanitary facilities to name a few. Misleading name again!

Changing the display picture just to show that you care or to look cool is honestly not cool. At least try to understand what they can mean. There are articles already saying that this changing of display pictures can be counted as support, I don’t know how true that is. Maybe they won’t count it as an official vote but they can show that these many people reacted positively towards the cause by changing their pictures.

When Birthday Surprise Came From Dubai ( Week 19 )

It was my birthday couple of days back. Although I didn’t do anything special, spending time with people who matter was the best thing that happened. Of course there are no words to express how the day planned out, here’s a video for some audio visual aid. Check it out J

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pet Grooming Tips

Grooming your pet isn’t difficult. Read the tips below on how to take care of your pup and keep them healthy.

  • Brush your dog’s hair thoroughly before getting him into the bath.
  •   Don’t fill the tub with water. Your pet would be standing in the same dirty water and that won’t serve any purpose. Use a hose instead. A hose is also helpful for reaching awkward spots like the belly.
  • Start shampooing at the neck and work your way down. Work up the later and rinse well. Take special care when shampooing around the ears, nose and eyes.
  • Towel dry your pet. If your dog is okay with blow dryer then keep a blow dryer on the lowest settings to avoid burners. Try to air drive as much possible and avoid using air dryers.
  •  Ear infections can be common in dogs. Use ear cleaners and follow the instructions on it properly. Use the ear cleaner once a week.
  •  Be very careful while trimming their nails. Use good quality products so as to avoid any mishap.
And if you want to give your pet an extra special grooming session at the comfort of your home then get in touch with Pethood - https://www.facebook.com/pethoodapp?ref=bookmarks&__mref=message_bubble

The first grooming session is FREE! You just have to log in and book an appointment. They will come over and make sure that your pet has a good time J

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pizza Express, Colaba

Pizza Express recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and they were kind enough to host me along with a few other bloggers for a chefs table. They introduced us to their new menu which they have launched just to celebrate their 50 years.

I particularly loved the Ginger Fresca, it was an interesting twist to the usual Lemon based drinks. The non veg starter platter was yum! I can’t get my head around how yum it was. I am not a very big fan of thin crust pizza so I didn’t really enjoy them but if you like thin crust then I am sure you’ll really love it. The other pizza which had a bit of a crust was fantastic.

They also showed us their pizza making process and it is super hygienic, also the ingredients that they use are of good  quality and are stored well.

The Chocolate fudge cake was super delicious as well.

I would really suggest this place if you want to experience a nice evening with good food.

You can check out my vlog below to get to know more about the place and what all we did there.