Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pet Grooming Tips

Grooming your pet isn’t difficult. Read the tips below on how to take care of your pup and keep them healthy.

  • Brush your dog’s hair thoroughly before getting him into the bath.
  •   Don’t fill the tub with water. Your pet would be standing in the same dirty water and that won’t serve any purpose. Use a hose instead. A hose is also helpful for reaching awkward spots like the belly.
  • Start shampooing at the neck and work your way down. Work up the later and rinse well. Take special care when shampooing around the ears, nose and eyes.
  • Towel dry your pet. If your dog is okay with blow dryer then keep a blow dryer on the lowest settings to avoid burners. Try to air drive as much possible and avoid using air dryers.
  •  Ear infections can be common in dogs. Use ear cleaners and follow the instructions on it properly. Use the ear cleaner once a week.
  •  Be very careful while trimming their nails. Use good quality products so as to avoid any mishap.
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  1. Thank you for such great tips Pooja.. I'll be sure to remember this next time around.

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  2. Nice one, that is simply cute. These Pet Grooming Tips can help us all in making our pets look more cuter and keep them clean and healthy. These tips are really important for those who are animal lovers and want their pets to be fast and active.