Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Freedom Tree - For All The Furniture You Might Need

The best thing about home is that it reflects your style, taste and personality. There’s a reason why everyone says that there is no place like home. It just relaxes you in a moment, the place you are most comfortable at. I love to keep my house a reflection of my life, there are corners in my house which have tons of stories and memories. The moment I go there I am filled with nostalgia and I could just spend hours just sitting there and going through stuff, I actually do it at times on a lazy Sunday.
The other thing that I like are colours, and making the house look bright and fresh. They other day, I was researching online for affordable furniture and accessories that I could buy. The thing about buying furniture is the delivery process but when I checked out Freedom Tree  it just made the entire process seem so easy.

So Freedom Tree have tons of contemporary furniture, they are colourful, designer and stylish. The best thing is that they have your entire house covered, you can buy furniture for living room, dining room, kids study, bedroom, kitchen basically everything that one might need for their house.
I especially loved their bed covers, coffee tables, curtains, table lamps  and book shelves! I am sucker for books and when my cupboard started overflowing and there wasn’t just any more room for books I had to start using my mother’s cupboard and now even that is on the verge of overflowing. Mother has already started telling me to donate books or stop buying more.  

Coming back to the topic at hand, I am listing down a few things that I absolutely loved, maybe you’ll like it too J or just go through the website and let me know what suits you best.

This Mandala cupboard is just so perfect, I love the carvings and the antic look that it has. The cabinet’s facade is hand carved in mango wood and lightly washed with white.

And these curtains will add just so much more vibrance to the room.

I just absolutely love how colour coordinated all of this is. I am glad that I can actually turn my house into a colour coordinated heaven with this site. They have things that go with each other and one can just pick a colour scheme and then buy things according to it.

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  1. Lovely pictures.
    Like that liberal use of Lemon yellow colour.

  2. Loving the colourful furniture you featured here. Doing something similar to my home too, but with an Indian touch.

    - xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche -