Tuesday, May 24, 2016

145 Kala Ghoda - Review

After hearing a lot about this 145 KalaGhoda, I finally decided to visit this place for a quick lunch.
The place is bang opposite Rhythm house at KalaGhoda, we were lucky to get a table near the window which looked upon the old rustic building. The interior is a mix of quirky and classy, although I didn’t really understand or like the ceiling d├ęcor. I loved the overall ambience.

The place was filled with teenagers who were binging on their Nutella milkshake. Few others were working professionals, who I assume were out for lunch with colleagues. As it was a Monday afternoon I didn’t really expect a lot of people there, I was pleasantly surprised.

They don’t really have a lot of option to in terms of food but whatever they have is absolutely delicious and worth the money. You should try their French fries, it is their signature dish and if you are fries lover then you won’t be disappointed.

We tried a Paneer starter, which disappointed us a little bit on the quantity aspect but made up immediately with the taste.

The fries as I said earlier, were yummy. This time we tried the half fries, next time I am sure ill order the large serving.

Hummus with Pita bread and grilled chicken was yum.  The bread was soft, the hummus was rightly made and nothing can go wrong with grilled chicken. I quickly made a small shawarma out of it and gobbled it down.

The chicken Frankie was huge and filling.

Veg khow suey was again really good. The potion was enough for one but since we were having a lot of other things it was sufficient.

We then ordered the Cookie dough pizza and Red Velvet Burger and we were in dessert heaven. Although I am not a big fan of red velvet, the cookie dough pizza  was really very nice. It literally haunted me for the whole day. I am going to make sure I go back there just to have that.

They also have a very good drink and milkshake menu, but I have saved that for some other time.
I have heard that the place kind of turn into a club in the evening, so make sure you wear your best clothes and go there. Mornings are generally casual.

The food presentation really caught my eye and I loved the innovative ways that they have come up with.

They even served popsicles along with the check.

The damage was INR 1900/-

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  1. This just made me hungry. The presentation really is superb.

    1. Yes, I was more impressed by the presentation itself

  2. I am hungrieeeeeeeeeeeee....
    Thanks a lot for sharing these yummy pics!

    1. I am hungrrry tooo :D
      Thank you for commenting :)

  3. Seems like a great place with some great food and ambience.

    xoxo Chaicy
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  4. i think you ate a lot form there and enjoyed ;)