Monday, May 2, 2016

Big bazaar, Big Sale

The first time I realised the importance of budgeting and the importance of sales was when I started earning and had to spend my own hard earned money. I remember my mother getting very excited about the annual 26th January and 15th August Big Bazaar sales. Although I was never interested in the grocery shopping I still tagged along to buy other stuff ( chocolates, sodas, clothes, toys, cosmetics) and as it was all on sale,  I knew I won’t need to convince my mother much.

Every year we would come home with tons of super heavy shopping bag and mom would be at peace for the next two months. I had never even imagined that I would ever be excited or looking forward to such sales but somehow I have started doing that.

Big Bazaar has come up with a 5 day Public Holiday Sale from 30th April to 4th May.

The discount is on Groceries, Home D├ęcor, Electronic Items, Fashion Attire and Luggage etc. so basically everything that we need in our life is on sale! I am sure everyone will find something that interests them in here and that’s the best thing about shopping in a supermarket right? It has things for everyone!

I always make sure that I reach early in the morning to avoid the rush at the payment counter and the place is also fairly deserted around that time, so I have ample of time to look around stuff and buy what my heart desires.

I went through their Facebook and Twitter page to check out the discounts ( they are fabulous! ) they also have a few contests going on, go on participate! Maybe you’ll win something J (Good Luck!)

The sale is on at all Big Bazaar outlet. Go, shop and then let me know what all you bought! 


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