Monday, August 15, 2016

Kolad River Rafting – Offbeat Getaways Near Mumbai

I have never been adventurous, actually I have never really done anything much sporty in my life. However i was really thinking about trying new things for a while now, so when I got to know about the Kolad River Rafting place, I immediately said yes for it.

There are a number of River Rafting places there so I suggest you Google them up and then take your pick. The Rafting in done in the Kudalika River.  It takes around 3 hours to reach Kolad but as we got lost in between and the road was bad we took nearly 6 hours to reach.

We started off at around 8am from Dadar, stopped at a highway restaurant near Panvel for some breakfast and then were on our way again.

I would really suggest using GPS to get to the place. The rafting begins from Sutarwadi and then you come down towards the end of the river. So you might just get confused there as there will be two river rafting points, skip the first one that you see as that is the end point. (If you are coming from Mumbai)

We reached the place at around 3pm and were the last ones to leave from there. As it was too last minute and we didn’t have enough time, we didn’t carry any cameras or phone.

The river was less furious at this time as the damn was close to closing, we did raft for a while and post that swam the river for close to half hour. It was pleasant and really beautiful. It was raining on and off and the scene was just beautiful.

We also tried a few stunts, like rolling the raft upside down, standing on the raft etc. Honestly, I was a little scared in the beginning, I remember screaming when they threw me in the river (I can’t swim, but we all had a life jacket on) but after the first two minutes of panic, I was fine.
They do teach you how to raft and be prepared to row your raft.


  1. Had been to this place last year (not for rafting, but for a picnic)
    Did see some guys rafting. I think they time it in such a way that it coincides with the water that is left out from a nearby dam.

    1. Yes, the rafting depends on the water left from the dam

  2. how much they charge planning to go this weekend.