Monday, August 8, 2016

Things to remember when shopping - Sale Shopping Tips

Sales are one of my favourite things and like clockwork this year too Big Bazaar is coming up with its annual Independence day sale 'Big Bazaar Mahabachat'. The sale will be between August 13 to 17 2016. They have been doing this sale for over a decade now and this is their 11th year!
There are a number of things that I particularly keep in mind when I go out shopping during sales, listing down a few that may help you when going for the Big Bazaar Mahabachat sale.

Plan the day
When you go out shopping especially during sales, it is quite understandable that you would be spending a lot of time in the mall and thus you should make sure that you go there ready to come back tired and with tons of shopping bags.

Go early
‘Early bird gets the worm’ just like that ‘Early shopper gets the best stuff’ I always believe that the earlier I go the better stuff ill be able to purchase. Going early means less people, no or less line at the payment counter, no queues at the trail room and just a big shopping place where you can pick and choose to your heart’s desire.

Coupons, coupons, coupons
Keep a track of all the coupons that you own especially of the shops where you don’t shop often. You can visit those shops during sales and redeem your coupons, this way you get to shop from a new place and incase you don’t like the product that you just bought, you still won’t be disappointed because you really didn’t spend the full amount for it.

Shop smart
Buying woollens during summer may look stupid but it really is the smartest thing to do. Woollens are going to be cheaper during summer so you can happily buy them now and use them during winter. Same goes for buying swim suits, umbrellas, raincoats etc during winter/summer.
So now that you have some handy tips to work with and a sale coming right at you soon, I think it’s time to take the pen and paper out and make a list of things to buy.

Oh, that’s the last time – Make a list
Make a list of all the things you wish to buy, this helps you stay focused and not waste time in the wrong section or store. This will also ensure that you have got everything that you need by the end of your shopping trip.

So head to your nearest Big Bazaar store during August 13 to 17 and make sure that you did some Mahabachat yourself.

Hum Tayyar Hai Big Bazaar!