Sunday, August 28, 2016

Your Personal Sanitation Squad

Sanitation has been a major issue in our life. It saddens me that it is so difficult to find clean washrooms in India. Every time I visit a place, I first check their washrooms and it is always a great relief when the washrooms are clean. However, if you travel a lot or even if you hop around the city a lot, you would have to use public washrooms, which again are questionable when it comes to sanitation.

Yes, there are some tricks that we use to avoid any contamination like hovering over the seat or making a tissue seat cover etc. My best is to use the Indian style washrooms as there is no touching the seat involved. (I know too much TMI right? Sorry!)

So I recently came across PeeSafe, it is a toilet seat sanitizer spray. They also have wet wipes which can be used for both the seat as well as the skin. Sanitizer sprays are really handy and be useful on daily basis. They have various sizes, so you can buy one depending on your needs.

The spray has a pleasant fragrance. All you have to do is spray the sanitizer on the toilet seat and wait for 10 seconds and you have a sanitized toilet ready for you! I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and I am truly impressed by it. The fragrance even makes the stinking public washrooms bearable. 

You can order one from here:


  1. That is so true - it is so difficult to find clean washrooms in India.