Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Organise Your Wardrobe And Make Sure You Don’t Repeat The Same Outfit

Closet cleaning can get a little tedious.  For me generally the problem is to maintain the closet. Whenever I clean my wardrobe, it stays fine for a week max and then it goes for a toss again. I was working on a system to make sure that all my clothing related problems get resolved and have come up with this technique. Sharing the same with you.

If you are into apps then I cannot stress enough on how useful they can be. They help you see your entire wardrobe at one go and thus makes it easier to pick out clothes. There are few apps that can make your work easier, available for both IOS and Android. The good thing about these apps is that bloggers can use it to feature their clothes on their website. You can mix and match your style and then upload the same on your blog, you can even add accessories and shoes.

Apps are great but I wanted something simple. I thus took a picture of all the clothes that I own and created a personal Pinterest board. I just flip through it every morning and pick clothes for the day. It indeed has made my life easier now that I don’t have to rummage through my clothes to figure out what to wear. This also keeps your memory fresh thus you won’t forget that little top you bought a while ago.

Empty Rack
This is similar to the laundry bin concept, just that, instead of a laundry bin I have kept an empty section in the wardrobe to keep all the clothes that needs to be washed.

Make Your Own System
Be it colour coordinating, stacking a certain type of clothes together or any other system. This way you’ll know exactly where to look for when you want to certain piece.

I have sectioned my clothes into: Indian, Tops, lingerie, shrugs, scarfs and Bottoms. So every time I need anything, I know exactly where to look.

Put the clothes that you have recently worn at the top of the pile, and always reach for clothes from the bottom. This way the tendency to wear the same outfit frequently is diminished.

If you hang your clothes then you can hang all the hangers in the same direction. Every time you wear a certain outfit just hang it the other way round. This way you’ll know that you have worn it recently and that you should not repeat it.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

How Much Does An Uber Driver Earn?

At the end of one tiring day, I booked an Uber Share to get home. After the driver picked me up he informed that we have to pick up one more passenger. I put my earphones in and started to unwind. A few minutes later the other passenger cancelled the cab and I had an entire cab for myself.
The driver got chatty and started sharing his experience. We soon got on to the topic of how much he earns and the verification process one has to go through to officially join Uber.

He said that he had to go through three rounds of security check before he could get on board with Uber.
“But then why are there so many incidents of molestation and eve teasing in Uber?” I enquired.
“In Uber?” he exclaimed “Nahi madam, koi aur hoga. Uber mein toh aisa hota hi nahi hai” (No madam, it must be something else. No such incidents happen in Uber)
“It’s in news all the time! Plus so many posts are circulated online,” I defended.
“Nahi madam, online ka nahi pata,” he said (No madam, I don’t know about online)

We soon got to the earnings and he said that they have to drive for at least 10 hours, and in those 10 hours they have to take at least 5 rides, anything above that is their incentive.

So here’s how much they earn,
They have to ride for at least 5 times in a day
2 trips in the morning and
3 trips in the evening
For the morning 2 rides and the 3 rides in the evening they get paid INR 330/- each.
If they exceed the trips, for eg. They make 3 trips in the morning instead of 2 then, they will get 330x2 = 660 for the first 2 trips
And for the third trip, they will get 330 + whatever the fare is – 20% (this 20% goes to Uber)
The similar is pattern is repeated in the evening.

My driver had already completed 10 rides that day and I was his last pick up. (You can do the math)

Of course, it’s his own car so the maintenance, diesel/petrol, the phone where they use the Uber app and the data charges for the same are taken care by the driver himself.

He also said that they don’t have an option to deny a ride, if a ride is given to them, they have to take it. They also get to know the destination only when they pick you up and start the ride.

Ratings play an important role, drivers with higher rating gets notified about ride requests first thus giving them the chance to get more rides.

Uber also have schemes and deals for the drivers on special days and holidays. Thus making sure they ride the car even on holidays.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Pink - Were They or Were They Not Escorts?

Pink is the talk of the town, I recently saw the movie and loved it. However when discussing the movie with colleagues, we shared some observations. And I think I am going to say that the girls really did take money.

I tweeted the reasons and sharing the same here. Would love to know your opinion and thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Product That Needs To Be In Your Travel Bag - Belcam Bath Therapy

Combination products come in handy a number of times, I recently came across this product which is basically three products in one. This is a body wash, bubble bath and shampoo combined into one. It comes in three variants and they all smell equally yum.

The variants are:
Strawberry and cream
Pistachio and cream
Mango bliss

The products are paraben free so that is a major plus point of this product.

It lathers up great and the fragrance lingers on for a while making you feel fresh and fruity. The variants are a bit unconventional (except for strawberry) and I was a little worried about trying them on. The variants however didn’t disappoint me.

This can be a perfect travel product.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pure Nutrition – A quick Q&A with Luke Coutinho

Nutrition and health has become a big part of everyone's life. Ever since I started working and actually having a desk job I realised how much more I have to invest in my health now that I don't have an active lifestyle. I have been focusing a lot on what I eat, my workouts ( at which I am failing but I try ) and basically overall making sure that I stay fit.  
I came across pure nutrition a couple of days back and really liked the whole concept.  I even got a chance to get a few questions answered by Luke Coutinho, Integrative And Lifestyle Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Exercise Physiologist And Founder - Pure Nutrition.  
This conversation really helped me and thus I thought of sharing the same with you, so here goes: 

How does organic tea and other pure nutrition products help?  
A well-made tea blend can hold a lot of nutrition in a single cup and every blend using the finest tea leaves and spices target immunity, sleep, detoxification and other ailments. Pure nutrition formulations work at a cellular level, looking at gut health, immunity, better hair and skin, hormonal balance for weight loss, metabolic syndromes and several other issues ranging from cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, diabetes to cancer and fat loss. 

Where can we buy the products? Do we need to consult a doctor before consuming any of the products?  
They are available online at and across leading retail and chemists  ranging from Food hall to Noble chemists. They will be available onamazon.comand across the world in a few weeks from now, although shipping to countries worldwide has already started on order basis. Pure Nutrition encourages and strongly recommends that a buyer speaks to our team of doctors first so that they can be diagnosed and then assisted in choosing a formulation that suits the buyer’s lifestyle, body and ailment. 

We have heard about this new Super Food trend, what are super foods exactly and how do they help? 
Superfoods are foods that are nutrient dense and you need small quantities to produce multiple good effects in the body. For example 1 tbsp. of pumpkin seeds or chia seeds are brimming with nutrition, 3 grams of moringa has more vitamins and minerals than most fruits and veggies; each country has their own superfoods and because of the internet we can now be aware of nature’s gifts in each of these countries, from raw cacao nibs and pumpkin seeds to goji berry, green coffee bean, grape seed extract, amaranth, quinoa, black rice; there are innumerable superfoods that can enhance ones health and look for superfoods that originate in your country and only then they will suit you best. 

I see you have both extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil on your site. Indians have been using coconut oil for centuries. What is the exact difference between olive oil and coconut oil? Is it necessary to include both in our lifestyle? 
When Indians started moving away from pure coconut oil to refined oils, sickness crept in and eventually serious disease. Un-refined coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid oil with innumerable heart benefits. It is the only food besides breast milk that contains the immune boosting lauric acid, from being one of the best oils to cook foods that need to be cooked at high temperature, to usage on the skin, hair, I use virgin coconut oil to treat thyroid issues along with lifestyle and get people off their thyroid medication completely and permanently. I advise everyone to have some amount of coconut oil in their diet and life. Virgin coconut oil can also help in the burning of belly fat due to its thermogenic and MCT properties. Extra virgin olive oil is a mono unsaturated fat which is excellent for heart health too. It’s just that Indians should never use this oil for cooking as it has a low smoking point and will actually become toxic to the user. But when added to raw in foods and salads or lightly sautéed, it is excellent for heart health. I also use proportions of this to treat tumours. It’s also great for the skin and helps in reducing inflammation. 

How do you manage to do so much together? Writing books, being the master coach at GoQii, launching Pure nutrition etc. 
I love what I do and I try my best to use my time wisely. I write when I'm on flights, I have fantastic teams that are constantly trained so they can be self-sufficient and independent. I have a great team of doctors, scientists, nutritionists and back end roles that are passionate about what we do, so it works along with the usual ups and downs, I guess I just take it as it comes in the most positive way possible. The beauty of all this is everything I do is connected to each other; from cancer to weight loss, to lifestyle and education, everything I do connects and falls in place. 

What is a day in your life like?  
I try to wake up by 6 am when in India and not travelling. I have a yoga practice followed by pranayama and meditation. Breakfast with my family, spend some time with my daughter before she leaves for school and then its calls with patients, hospital visits, meeting with my teams, nutritionists, doctors, I keep 20-30 minutes aside for my workouts in the evening which revolve around pilates, body weight exercises, I try to get 2 games of soccer with the boys in a week for my cardio and as a hobby. Dinner is usually by 7 and then its family time, Skype calls with the US as they wake up. That is a usual day when I'm not travelling. 30 minutes of meditation before bed, story time for my daughter and then lights out. 

What was the idea behind pure nutrition?  

With the harshness of conventional treatment like chemo, radiation and cancer drugs, that deplete the body of key vitamins and minerals that are needed to boost immunity, for several months I tried using food to bridge this gap in the case of cancer patients, but the deteriorating quality of soil and nutrition in plants could not fill that gap along with the digestive system and gut of the patient that was weakened and almost completely destroyed with the conventional treatments, so absorption of nutrients from natural foods became an issue for a patient, I began to study and formulate with a team of experts pure plan extracts free of pesticides and high quality ingredients from nature, that could be easily absorbed into the cells and target not one but several ailments at the same time. You see a drug targets one ailment or disease but a vitamin and mineral can target multiple ailments and issues and fix many problems together. So using nature’s gifts and smart formulations to ensure bioavailability and absorption into the cells of the human body, PURE Nutrition was born as from then on it’s been a fantastic journey. Seeing patients recover, go into remission, come out stronger post treatments and surgeries, lose weight naturally and easily, inculcating lifestyle changes and plant formulations into their lives and seeing how they could and would eventually get off drugs and meds with side effects, its been amazing and reassuring that nature along with respecting and knowing that the human body is designed to heal is true and real. Pure nutrition is very clear that just a formulation or supplement won't work. You are wasting your money if you just buy and use them. It works best when you make simple changes in your lifestyle like balanced nutrition, adequate exercise, quality sleep and emotional detoxification, then the two work powerfully together and you have healing and great health, body and mind. Pure nutrition has made these formulations and other superfoods available to the world, backed by a team of highly trained doctors who assist the buyer in selecting what really is the right formulation for their body through a detailed diagnosis. 

You can check out Pure Nutrition here: 
In case you need to get in touch with Luke then you can get in touch with him on Twitter: @LukeCoutinho17