Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oriflame The One Illuskin Concealer

I have been a Maybelline Concealer loyalist for the longest time now. Expect for a little darkcircles, I don’t really use concealer for anything else. After using a few Oriflame products, I decided to use their concealer this time.

I am using the shade Nude Beige. I believe they have three shades which are perfect for Indian skin tone. I ordered it online and as you can see the packaging did get damaged a little. The concealer comes in a tube and I find it convenient to apply on the face. It is a small little tube which is travel friendly as it is not bulky or heavy and it won’t take a lot of space in your makeup kit.

The texture and the formula is creamy and spreads out smoothly and evenly. It did do a good job in covering up my dark circles. As this shade is a little bit lighter for me, I use it like a little highlighter as well. So I do apply it on the bridge of my nose, cupids bow and on the chin. So if you are looking for a concealer which will also help give you some glow then this could be the product for you.

It gives a sheer to medium coverage, and I am glad that it doesn’t crease or turn cakey.

It retails for INR 300/- but there are a number of discounts and offers on various websites online.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Be More Productive At Work

A 9to5 job or a desk job can get boring over time. It is normal to start thinking that you are stuck in a rut and that this routine is going to be your life forever. This will indirectly and directly hamper your performance at work, your interpersonal relationships and basically your over all vibe. If a person is bored and unhappy then it is obvious that he is going to give the same vibe to everyone he interacts with and no one wants to be friends with such a person.

I am listing down a few tips that may help you make your desk job more fun. This will also improve your mood, you’ll notice that people around you are happier and the office will feel like a fun place full of opportunities and success.

Take Breaks
Sitting at the same spot and working all day is going to affect your posture, health and your metabolism level is going to drop. It is thus important to take breaks and walk around a little bit, you can just walk till the water cooler and back or go to the washroom (keep drinking water throughout the day, water helps get rid of fatigue and makes you feel fresh. This will also ensure that you have to pee often which will make you walk and take breaks as well. I believe that if you don’t pee every hour, you are not having enough water)
Taking breaks makes sure that you are active and more productive at work. This will also make sure that you don’t over work yourself. A 5 minute break every 45 minutes is a good idea.

Dress Up
You would be surprised how much dressing up everyday helps. It makes you feel confident, beautiful and just makes you look forward to the day. If you are not much into dressing up then push yourself in the initial days and in no time it would be a part of you routine.

Reward Yourself

Small rewards boost your motivation and makes working fun. It can be little things, for eg. allow yourself a dessert for lunch if you manage to complete your target before lunch.

Focus On Goals

Making to-do lists, setting targets for the day always helps. Give it a try. You can also buy cute stationary and sticky notes to make the process more cute and fun. 

Stretching will not only help your physic but will also refresh you and make you more focused. It just wakes you up and helps you focus better.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

DesiKlub – Review

If you want to relish on some desi street food, not worry about hygiene and have a good dining experience then DesiKlub is your place. They serve unique combinations of street food. They recently launched a new menu and they invited me to try it out.

The place has a fun and vibrant vibe. They play 90s bollywood songs and that was a hit with me instantly. Like who doesn’t want to have a meal with friends with Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen playing in the background?

We tried the Nachos which was basically Lays chips with cheese sauce. As simple as it may sound, it really did taste good! I didn’t realise when I finished them all up.

Next we tried the Khicha papad bhel, this again, is basically just bhel but the kicha papad. Sounds very simple but I couldn’t believe that such a simple thing can also be yummy.

The cheese corn balls were nice but nothing new. They are the regular cheese balls that we get, if you like them then you’ll love these.

This Litchi mocktail was again unique. They don’t have many alcoholic drinks, just two wine options.

The masala-jeera was nice and refreshing. Very chatpata.

This was the star dish, I absolutely loved it! It was basically macaroni in paneer makhanwala gravy. It was yum!!!

The sizzler again was nothing special. It was nice but nothing extraordinary.

The onion pakoda was nice, they had sprinkled some peri peri on it and that really transformed the dish. 

The Misal was not good, a Misal is supposed to be spicy and this was way to bland. I would not recommend this dish. 

The best is for the last! The chocolate thali is unique and really really yum. It has a number of chocolate items and I was in a food coma after this. This is filling for two-three people so make sure you have someone to share this with. 

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Cafe Churchill, Colaba - Review

This little place is very easy to miss out on the bustling Colaba Causeway. I had passed through this place innumerable times when I was out on my shopping sprees. Finally decided to pay this place a visit on a rainy Sunday afternoon. We ordered for a grilled chicken sandwich, fish and chips and chicken fingers.

Although I found the sandwich portion a little less but it made up for the taste, maybe I should have opted for a club sandwich. Fish and chips and chicken fingers both were yum. I also asked for a gooey chocolate cake but they misplace my ordered and got me something else, it was still a chocolate cake so I didn’t mind.

The place is small and when we went it was filled with people – old, young everyone! I figured it is a hit amongst all age groups.

We got a small little table which was cozy and nice.

The damage was around INR 1200/-

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oriflame’s The One - Wonder Liner - Review

For the longest time I have used the pencil eyeliners but recently I just decided that I have to get over this easy way out and attempt winged eyeliner. I gave myself one week to master the art, although by the end of it I cannot say that I have mastered it but I have definitely come a long way.
I started with the Oriflame’s The One Wonder Liner

Now as a beginner I needed something that was easy to use and something that will be long lasting.
The liquid liner is smooth, glides on the eyes easily and is dark black which is perfect to make your eyes look fabulous.

It is a small little bottle which can be carried in your everyday makeup bag. The liner glides on easily and stays on for a long time.

The wand has this slight angle which makes it easier to draw the wing. I guess this is the reason why I learnt it as quick as I did. The handle is also long and sleek which helps in giving you more control and precision.

I have used it at work and it has stayed on all day long, the one that I have is not waterproof so it smudged a little on the side.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Blog Logo

The first step towards a professional blog is to create a blog identity. The identity then demands for a 
logo, theme, business card, letterhead, media kit etc. I recently got all of this done for my blog and learnt quite a few things in the process. I am listing down things that you need to keep in mind when deciding your logo, in fact, these pointers will not only help you when making your logo but also when you are working on your theme, business card and letterhead.

Comfort Level
If you are designing your own logo then you need not worry about this point but if you are not very great with designing and are hiring someone to design your logo then make sure you hire someone who you are very comfortable working with. I cannot stress how important this point is, this person is going to sort of create the identity for your blog and thus it is very important for you both to be on the same page. The person needs to understand what you are aiming for and should get your vision.

Do Your Homework
Before you start working on your logo, think about it for a couple of days. Research online and see what appeals to you, make a list of things that you want to portray through your logo. It would also help to maintain a small list of things you want in your logo so that it is easier later when you are communicating the same to your designer.

Be On The Same Page
Have a detailed conversation with your designer; understand what they are trying to say. At times, what we want is not aesthetically pleasing and that’s when the professional designer comes into picture. They help us make the logo look professional and aesthetically pleasing and thus help us in avoiding making the wrong choices.

Colours & Fonts
Colours and fonts again play an important role. Think about the colour scheme that you wish to apply. Make sure it is relatable, goes well with your blog and other social media. At times the blog theme or the social media themes don’t go well with certain colours so avoid using them. Also keep in mind that the business cards and letterhead will be printed, so make sure that you use colours that will look nice on print as well.

It is also essential to use fonts which are professional yet makes you seem approachable. Make sure that your font is the right size and readable.

Think Long Term
Plan for at least a year, if you are planning to change your blog or any other changes then it is advisable to pause the logo making process. Make sure you are happy with things as they are and only then go ahead with the logo process.

I got my designing done by a Freelance Designer and I totally loved working with her. She was understanding and patient and didn’t throw a fit when I made last minute changes. There have been times when I have come across a design or an idea late in the night and I messaged her that, she patiently understood what I wanted and the end product didn’t disappoint me.

In case you wish to get in touch with her then you can do so on Twitter – @_poojavaidya

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Good Wife – Review

After hearing about this place for a few months now, we navigated our way to BKC on a Saturday afternoon. This place is next to Soda Bottle Opener Wala and Capital Social. It’s funny how close these places are. Anyway, continuing with The Good Wife, it was quite empty when we reached, only a few tables were occupied. I gather that it is a lot exciting in the evening or on a Friday night.

We occupied a little sofa seat by the window. It was raining so it was just the perfect backdrop.

The food was good and filling. I supposed the only disappointing part was the lamb sliders, it was delicious but the quantity wasn’t good enough, it felt like they filled the plate with fries instead of the sliders.

The pasta was amazing and I really loved it. This was quite filling.

They have a lot of variety in drinks and some interesting cocktails as well. I stuck to the basics though.

The damage was INR 2650/- which according to me is a little steep for the food that we got. They also have a set lunch menu and I gather that that will be worth the cost.

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