Saturday, October 22, 2016

DesiKlub – Review

If you want to relish on some desi street food, not worry about hygiene and have a good dining experience then DesiKlub is your place. They serve unique combinations of street food. They recently launched a new menu and they invited me to try it out.

The place has a fun and vibrant vibe. They play 90s bollywood songs and that was a hit with me instantly. Like who doesn’t want to have a meal with friends with Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen playing in the background?

We tried the Nachos which was basically Lays chips with cheese sauce. As simple as it may sound, it really did taste good! I didn’t realise when I finished them all up.

Next we tried the Khicha papad bhel, this again, is basically just bhel but the kicha papad. Sounds very simple but I couldn’t believe that such a simple thing can also be yummy.

The cheese corn balls were nice but nothing new. They are the regular cheese balls that we get, if you like them then you’ll love these.

This Litchi mocktail was again unique. They don’t have many alcoholic drinks, just two wine options.

The masala-jeera was nice and refreshing. Very chatpata.

This was the star dish, I absolutely loved it! It was basically macaroni in paneer makhanwala gravy. It was yum!!!

The sizzler again was nothing special. It was nice but nothing extraordinary.

The onion pakoda was nice, they had sprinkled some peri peri on it and that really transformed the dish. 

The Misal was not good, a Misal is supposed to be spicy and this was way to bland. I would not recommend this dish. 

The best is for the last! The chocolate thali is unique and really really yum. It has a number of chocolate items and I was in a food coma after this. This is filling for two-three people so make sure you have someone to share this with. 

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