Wednesday, October 26, 2016

How To Be More Productive At Work

A 9to5 job or a desk job can get boring over time. It is normal to start thinking that you are stuck in a rut and that this routine is going to be your life forever. This will indirectly and directly hamper your performance at work, your interpersonal relationships and basically your over all vibe. If a person is bored and unhappy then it is obvious that he is going to give the same vibe to everyone he interacts with and no one wants to be friends with such a person.

I am listing down a few tips that may help you make your desk job more fun. This will also improve your mood, you’ll notice that people around you are happier and the office will feel like a fun place full of opportunities and success.

Take Breaks
Sitting at the same spot and working all day is going to affect your posture, health and your metabolism level is going to drop. It is thus important to take breaks and walk around a little bit, you can just walk till the water cooler and back or go to the washroom (keep drinking water throughout the day, water helps get rid of fatigue and makes you feel fresh. This will also ensure that you have to pee often which will make you walk and take breaks as well. I believe that if you don’t pee every hour, you are not having enough water)
Taking breaks makes sure that you are active and more productive at work. This will also make sure that you don’t over work yourself. A 5 minute break every 45 minutes is a good idea.

Dress Up
You would be surprised how much dressing up everyday helps. It makes you feel confident, beautiful and just makes you look forward to the day. If you are not much into dressing up then push yourself in the initial days and in no time it would be a part of you routine.

Reward Yourself

Small rewards boost your motivation and makes working fun. It can be little things, for eg. allow yourself a dessert for lunch if you manage to complete your target before lunch.

Focus On Goals

Making to-do lists, setting targets for the day always helps. Give it a try. You can also buy cute stationary and sticky notes to make the process more cute and fun. 

Stretching will not only help your physic but will also refresh you and make you more focused. It just wakes you up and helps you focus better.


  1. Well said... I agree especially with the 1st and 2nd... Maybe cz I practice them!