Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oriflame’s The One - Wonder Liner - Review

For the longest time I have used the pencil eyeliners but recently I just decided that I have to get over this easy way out and attempt winged eyeliner. I gave myself one week to master the art, although by the end of it I cannot say that I have mastered it but I have definitely come a long way.
I started with the Oriflame’s The One Wonder Liner

Now as a beginner I needed something that was easy to use and something that will be long lasting.
The liquid liner is smooth, glides on the eyes easily and is dark black which is perfect to make your eyes look fabulous.

It is a small little bottle which can be carried in your everyday makeup bag. The liner glides on easily and stays on for a long time.

The wand has this slight angle which makes it easier to draw the wing. I guess this is the reason why I learnt it as quick as I did. The handle is also long and sleek which helps in giving you more control and precision.

I have used it at work and it has stayed on all day long, the one that I have is not waterproof so it smudged a little on the side.

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