Friday, October 7, 2016

Quattro Ristorante, Lower Parel – Review

Quattro is a vegetarian’s paradise! The restaurant has made a place for itself with its interesting dishes and introduction of molecular gastronomy.

I recently visited the place to try out their new menu and although I was a little worried that I would miss my chicken, I was amused when I didn’t even think of the absence of non-vegetarian food even once.

We started off with an Orange Parsley Sangria and Wine Mule. Both were perfect , the wine mule was basically like a Mojito but with wine.

We then tried the Minestrone Tea Set Soup, the presentation and preparation of the soup built up my appetite. The soup was really yummy and a perfect way to start the meal.

The Smoked Orange Apple Pear Walnut Insalate was interesting but I didn’t fall in love with it. We had to gulp everything in one go and my taste buds were alert trying to take in all the lovely flavours.

Fresh Guacamole was so fresh that they made it right in front of us. The live display and the introduction of Nitrogen was nice. I was very thrilled with the entire process. It tasted really delicious; it was soft, cold and had the smooth texture that makes a perfect guacamole.

The Jalapeno Queso was really interesting. The foam tasted of Jalapeno and below the foam was melt-in-mouth cheese and Jalapeno balls. The foam did not taste all out of Jalapeno but that a slight undertone, while the balls were cheesy with a hint of Jalapeno.

The Olive and Mushroom Crostini was interesting because of the Olives. They looked really different and the server informed me that they would burst in my mouth, which is exactly what happened.

The corn cookies were a bit of a bummer, it was topped with beetroot ice-cream and somewhere it just lost the taste. I didn’t know what I was supposed to taste exactly, it was all a mixture which didn’t really appeal to me.

The Taquito was interesting, it had Jalapeno ice-cream on the top and it was really yummy.

For the main course, we opted for the Margherita Upside Down Pizza and Jalapeno Riso Cottage Cheese. We actually saw the process of making the pizza, check the instagram post. And I think I could have kept on eating the Jalapeno Riso, it was the yummiest thing that I had that night. The Riso comes with a pepper sauce which is the hero of the dish, it just changes the entire dish into something extremely yum.

For desserts we tried the Tres Leches and Chocolate Cigar. The Tres Leches is basically vanilla sponge ice-cream with tons of other ice creams, try the little coconut ice cream that comes along with it. The chocolate cigars were interesting, and it comes with ice-cream, you also get to eat the bowl it comes in. It is all made of chocolate.

We also tried the Berry Mojito, and I would say it is a very good option for people who prefer to stay away from Alcoholic drinks.

I had taken my friend along and some of the blog pictures are clicked by her, you can check them out on her Instagram

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  1. Too much food on the eyes :D Thanks for sharing your experience here Pooja!