Sunday, October 16, 2016

Things To Keep In Mind When Making A Blog Logo

The first step towards a professional blog is to create a blog identity. The identity then demands for a 
logo, theme, business card, letterhead, media kit etc. I recently got all of this done for my blog and learnt quite a few things in the process. I am listing down things that you need to keep in mind when deciding your logo, in fact, these pointers will not only help you when making your logo but also when you are working on your theme, business card and letterhead.

Comfort Level
If you are designing your own logo then you need not worry about this point but if you are not very great with designing and are hiring someone to design your logo then make sure you hire someone who you are very comfortable working with. I cannot stress how important this point is, this person is going to sort of create the identity for your blog and thus it is very important for you both to be on the same page. The person needs to understand what you are aiming for and should get your vision.

Do Your Homework
Before you start working on your logo, think about it for a couple of days. Research online and see what appeals to you, make a list of things that you want to portray through your logo. It would also help to maintain a small list of things you want in your logo so that it is easier later when you are communicating the same to your designer.

Be On The Same Page
Have a detailed conversation with your designer; understand what they are trying to say. At times, what we want is not aesthetically pleasing and that’s when the professional designer comes into picture. They help us make the logo look professional and aesthetically pleasing and thus help us in avoiding making the wrong choices.

Colours & Fonts
Colours and fonts again play an important role. Think about the colour scheme that you wish to apply. Make sure it is relatable, goes well with your blog and other social media. At times the blog theme or the social media themes don’t go well with certain colours so avoid using them. Also keep in mind that the business cards and letterhead will be printed, so make sure that you use colours that will look nice on print as well.

It is also essential to use fonts which are professional yet makes you seem approachable. Make sure that your font is the right size and readable.

Think Long Term
Plan for at least a year, if you are planning to change your blog or any other changes then it is advisable to pause the logo making process. Make sure you are happy with things as they are and only then go ahead with the logo process.

I got my designing done by a Freelance Designer and I totally loved working with her. She was understanding and patient and didn’t throw a fit when I made last minute changes. There have been times when I have come across a design or an idea late in the night and I messaged her that, she patiently understood what I wanted and the end product didn’t disappoint me.

In case you wish to get in touch with her then you can do so on Twitter – @_poojavaidya

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