Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Bright Out Loud – Review

Lip balm is a must have in every girl’s handbag. It is an essential and for me personally, it has become more of a habit. I personally like lip balms which have a bit of colour as well.

The new Maybelline Bright Out Loud Lip Balms are just perfect; they give your lips moisture as well as the colour. There have been times when I didn’t reapply lipstick because my lip balm did the job for me.
The shades available are Pink Alert, Beaming Violet, Striking Orange and Vivid Peach. I am currently using Vivid Peach.

The lip balm is very moisturising and the colour is long lasting. It also has a minty, menthol y feel to it. The lip balm feels minty and mentholy when you apply it. It did shock me initially because I wasn’t expecting it but later however I have started liking the feel.

It is enriched with Vitamin E, Jajoba Oil and Shea Butter.

It officially retails for ₹190/- but there are a number of sales going on online and thus you could find it for around ₹150/-

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