Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How To Stay In Shape When Dealing With A Full Time Job

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It can be daunting to excel at work and take care of yourself at the same time. Especially for us girls, we have ton of things to do when it comes to personal and skin care. We have to take care of our skin, body, hair, menstrual cycle, fitness levels and the list can just go on.

Today we are focusing on a few things that we can do in our daily lives that will help us stay fit and push you towards a healthier lifestyle. All these things are just small changes that can be easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle and is easily doable even when working full time.

Eat Slowly
Remember your grandmother asking you to chew your food at least 33 times before swallowing? Well it actually helps, if you chew your food properly half the digestion process is done right there. Your body will be able to break down the food easily and thus flushing out whatever you don’t need.
Also, your body takes around 20 minutes to realise that it is full and that you need to stop eating. Often, if we eat fast, we end up over eating. We don’t give enough time to our body to process the amount of food it has received and to signal the brain that it is time to stop.
Put down your spoon after each bite. Chew. Eat again.
Try to eat from smaller plates; it tricks you into thinking you are eating a lot.

Heavy Breakfast
Whatever you eat in the morning gets burned out during the day. So if you are craving for a cake or a chocolate, eat it in the morning and you shall burn in throughout the day.
Having a healthy and proper breakfast in the morning gives your body the kick start that it needs, it will provide you with the right energy and will also keep you away from snacking and eating unhealthy.

Drink Water
I don’t think I need to even tell this to you guys, it is essential to keep drinking water throughout the day. Your body needs that to function properly, to burn calories and to digest your food and flush out the toxins.
It also does amazing magic to your skin and hair.

Take A Walk
It’s important to keep walking and keeping yourself busy. Set a reminder on your phone to take a walk every 45 minutes. It need not be a long walk, just 2 minutes around the office floor, go refill your bottle, use the washroom, go to the ground floor and use the staircase to get back up, stretch. This will just wake your body up and keep the far burning process going.
If you are on a call, walk the talk – walk in the passage/walkway and answer the call.

Sit Straight
Make an effort to sit erect and upright. Your back will thank you for this. It is a little difficult to get inculcate this habit but if you keep at it, it would not be difficult.

Eat Healthy
Always try to get lunch from home, that is the healthiest option.  If that is not possible, try to learn a few quick salad recipes or things that you can cook quickly in the morning.

Always try to eat freshly prepared food and not the packed food. Also, keep in mind the nutrient value of each meal. If you have to choose between a sandwich and a pizza, opt for sandwich as it would have more veggies and lesser calories.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

D:OH, Lower Parel – Review

The quirky interior and the board games rack near the entrance made me like the place instantly. I went there around 10.30pm and thus it was quite empty, only two other tables were occupied. I decided to sit on the swing-ish table.

They don’t really have a ton of food options, just the basics. We had the Burnt Garlic Chicken Dumpling, What We Chef’s Eat Spaghetti, Choco Freak Freakshake and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake.

The Dumpling, Freakshake and Chocolate was nice. I didn’t really like the Spaghetti. I also feel that the portions are quite less, I don’t think they are meant for two. My favourite is the Dumpling, they were just perfect. I wish I had Schezwan Sauce to go with it, it would have been just perfect.

It is a fun place to with friends and spend a few hours playing board games and eating. I loved playing Tic Tac Toe and Uno.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mom Found A Condom

Never in her life had she thought that she will ever say this. Of course since she had started dating quite early, she was sure that her mom had a hunch that she may be involved in some making out, but sex?! She didn’t think she mother was ready for that revelation. Honestly, even she wasn’t ready to her mother finding out.

It was a morning like every other, both of them were in a hurry to get the morning chores done and leave for work. She was curling her lashes, when her mother pulls out the condom and confronts her.

Mom: I found this yesterday. Where did this come from?
She: I have no idea, this isn’t mine.
Mom: How did it come in the house? What are you upto?
She: That’s not mine. Why would I even bring that in the house?
Mom: You said you won’t bring that into the house. You didn’t say that you don’t use it.

She had no idea how to respond to that, she said that it’s not hers one more time and went back to getting ready. She doesn’t even remember if she curled the other lash, her only aim was to leave the house as soon as possible.

Ever since this has happened, she gets asked “When are you getting married?” at least once a day.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Oxford Golf Resort, Pune | Weekend getaways near Mumbai and Pune

Oxford Gold Resort recently invited me over to their resort in Pune. The resort is perfect for a weekend away or for a day trip. It is also a perfect place for group picnics or for corporate getaways. 

I saw a number of team building activities happening around and honestly, I wanted to go participate. They all looked so fun!

Getting to the place can be a little tricky, as there is a one slight left turn that you have to take to reach to the place, if you miss the left, you would have to go ahead and take a U turn later. The locals are a little confused about the whereabouts of the place even though it is quite easily accessible ( you would know what I am talking about when you get there. I still don’t understand how I was not able to figure the way out myself. It is really easy. ) anyway, I suggest you turn on your GPS when you are closer to the place.

After the welcome drink, we headed to Ox Adventures, which is a two minute drive away from the resort, youll see it when you are on your way to the resort. They have a ton of things to do here, rock climbing, rappelling, horse riding, camping, bon fire facilities, hammocks, barbeque facilities. I suggest you confirm about the facilities available before you plan the trip.  

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The lunch was a good spread and honestly it took us around two hours to finish the 4 course meal.

We did try out hand at Golf, initially I was pathetic at it but I assume I picked up on it pretty quick.

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They do facilities for you to stay the night but can also work as a one day trip.

They also offer Golf Coaching, if you want to pick up a new hobby or sport, this might just be the one for you. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Streat Food, Nariman Point – Review

The place specialises in serving food from all around the world, it was a perfect pick for a quick office team lunch as it allowed all of us to pick a cuisine that we liked.

We started off with Tortilla Bean Soup which was nice but nothing extra ordinary.

We then had some Sui Mui Dumpling and Maaru Fritters. I love dumplings and thus we had to order some, they were nice and yum. The Fritters however let me down, they were just Batata Bhaji! I am not over exaggerating, that’s what they were. They would have possibly gotten the Bhaji packed from the roadside Vadapav Wala and served us for 50times the cost. This dish did let me down.

The Green Thai Curry was again very delicious, although a little too spicy for my palate but none the less, yummy! I am a little concerned about the portions here; it may not be enough for two if you are supper hungry. During this visit however, I was starving and thus finished the whole thing on my own.

We had the Parisian Chocolate Fondant and Austrian Sachert Orte which again were strictly average.

Damage: INR 2048/-

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Outfit Ideas | Best buy under INR 1000/- from Fashion at Big Bazaar

I visited the Fashion at Big Bazaar store recently. They just launched their new collection and I kind of challenged myself to buy stuff under INR 1000/- each. I am quite surprised that they have tons of affordable clothing items in their collection.

I picked up the following things and mind you they all are under INR 1000/- each

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Innisfree Cushion Foundation – Review

I love it when products are customizable according to your likings and desires. Although, along with being pretty, I also expect it to do its job. That’s exactly what Innisfree’s new Cushion Foundation does.

It comes in two variants, water based and long wear. They both do exactly what they say. The long wear is for days when you are going to have a long day and don’t have time to keep touching up. The water base is for a more casual, effortless look.

The long wear cushion helps create smooth and bright skin that is not smudged by sweat and sebum. Water glow helps create a moisturized and radiant look.

The foundation comes in a compact like packaging. The packaging is completely customizable, you choose the foundation according to your needs, you pick your shade, the box’s colour/design and applicator to go along with it.  each of these above things area sold separately as well, so in case you just need to replace any one of the element, then you can do so and pay for just that and not the entire product.

I got the long wear one and have used it a couple of time and love the effect. It gives me a nice dewy effect all day long. I did touch up once with my compact but that was it. It gives medium coverage, so if you want to hide all your flaws, you may need a second coat or concealer. I don’t use foundation on daily basis so I have kept this one for when I have to attend events or go out.

Innisfree claims that the long wear foundation lasts for 12 hours and has SPF of 50+ along with PA+++.

The products include Jeju and green tea extracts which benefits the skin.

It retails for around INR 3000/- the prices fluctuate online but I suggest you visit the store so that you can pick your right shade and get a customized packaging.