Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why I Wear MakeUp

Wearing makeup has somehow ended up being related to asking for male attention, the first time a girl wears a lipstick or puts on a  bit of makeup, the first assumption is that she is dressing up for a man.

That is so not true; we live in an age where we do not need validation from other people anymore. Yes, I would love if you will double tap on my Instagram picture but I am wearing dressing up because I want to see myself look hot AF every time I walk past a showroom or a car and see my reflection in the mirror. That double tap is just a consolation prize.

Every time I am bored to get to work, I look forward to the dressing up part. It motivates me to get out of bed and get dressed. It adds fun to the monotony.

Just a change of outfit can add so much more to the way you look and feel. A pretty little dress, boyfriend jeans, overalls or the feminine little flowy skirt, ethnic kurti and saari or the basic jeans and tshirt, they all emote such a variety of emotions and feel. You wear a pretty little dress on the day you especially feeling low, it is going to work as a quick little pick-me-up.

I know it may seem a little shallow, but in the world and generation when nice and happy things are so difficult to come by, why not do a small little thing for yourself so that you feel good about yourself. I don’t even know if I am making sense to you right now, but if you are still understanding me, let me know in the comments below.

Obviously I don’t wear makeup every day, or force myself to wear makeup and dress up every day. There are times when I absolutely don’t want to do anything and that’s exactly what I do – I don’t do anything!

I walk out of the door just the way I am, and still feel great about myself.

I am not judging people who do not like to dress up, each to his own. But it isn’t fair to judge people who enjoy the process.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Oriflame The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel - Review

Oriflame recently launched their new The One Lip Sensation Vinyl Gel Lipsticks. I had been trying them on for a week now and here’s what I think about them. First up, when I first saw the colours, I thought they would not complement my skin tone. I was so wrong; each colour is so beautiful and goes well my dusky skin tone. I think the colours would complement Indian skin tones very well.

The product gives a smooth glossy finish and it looks stunning.  I skip the entire eye makeup as this product just gives me a great look. One product and I feel like my makeup is done for the day. The brush is also cleverly designed as it allows you to apply the gel lipstick properly and evenly.  It is flat on both sides allowing you to press it against your lips and apply the colour in one smooth sleek motion.

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It is super glossy but the gloss does wear off after sometime, however the colour does stay on your lips all day long! It still is a little sticky, but unless you press your lips together, you wouldn’t even feel the stickiness. The lipstick is moisturising and I have noticed that I haven’t used a lip balm whenever I use this, I don’t feel the need for a lip balm.

The colour will transfer but it still manages to stay on your lips all day long. After a while it may settle in your cracks, at such times, I just touch up the lipstick or use a little lipbalm to even the product out ( I use the lip balm, just to even the colour out so that the lip cracks don’t show. I do not require it for moisturising. The lipstick does that job.)

The have launched 7 shades and retail for INR 489/- for 5ml of product

You can buy the product from here:

Ingredients as mentioned on the website:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ling’s Pavilion, Colaba - Review

After hearing about this place a couple of times, went there for a quick lunch with colleagues. This place might not look that great from outside, saying from experience, even after noticing this places for ages, I never really ventured in because it looked a little out of place. Glad that this one day I did walk in, it was like time travelling back to the 70s. You are greeted with a tree, a small little pond with a small little bridge over it and a lot of fishes in the pond. I loved the old world charm immediately. I went there again recently for dinner as well.

The food is yum. Unfortunately I completely forgot about taking food pictures.  They serve some nice old school Chinese food. Perfect comfort food it is. They also have tons of options, you get chicken, sea food, beef, pork, you name it and it is there.I love Chinese, and I am sure that every time I crave some good ol Chinese, I am sure I would end up here often.

The portions are enough for two. The staff is friendly.

They do not have valet parking and the lane is generally crowded, I would suggest you keep this in mind when visiting this place.

Ling's Pavilion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Four Simple Ways To Save A Lot Of Money

We all deal with money issues, we are not poor but most of the time we are broke. I, being an impulsive buyer, face a lot of issues managing my money.
I am just listing down a few things that I do on a daily basis, to help save as much money possible. Hoping this would help you out as well.

Investing In Investment Items
Fashion keeps changing every season, and it is quite expensive to keep updating your wardrobe every season. It makes much more sense to identify your style and buy clothes that you can style all year long. To keep up with the latest trends, you can buy just one piece and style it in various ways.
You can also invest in the classics, which will cost you more but will last you for a long time and will never go out of style.
Never buy anything that you are not sure of, before buying anything, think of 3 ways you can wear it. Style them in your head and if you can manage three outfits then you can go ahead and buy it.
If you really like something but are sure that it is not your style. Don’t buy it. You may buy it thinking that if you own it, you’ll wear it; chances are that you will not wear it more than 5 times.

No To Drinks
Whenever we go out, we tend to order a cocktail or a mocktail just to enjoy your meal. Avoid doing that, you don’t need a drink with every meal. Water is just fine.
In India, you end up paying a lot more than what the menu indicates. You have a number of taxes and there are two separate taxes for your meals and your drinks.
Try to limit your drinking to once or twice a week.
Think ahead, if you know that you have an event or a party or a social event coming your way, make that your cheat day and drink on that day.

Unsubscribe to all the offers, deals and sale alerts that you get. They make you want to shop even when you anyway weren’t planning to shop.

Want vs Need
Focus on spending on your wants needs and not wants. Before buying anything, ask yourself if this is your need or want. Being minimalistic is the key.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Can I Eat Please?

It is one of those days when she is stressed and tired. Or maybe, nothing has happened really. She is just craving some yum food.

She checks her bags and finds two apples in it. She knows that she should eat that but she really wants something yummy and nice and greasy and spicy and fattening! Oh no! Not fattening.

“I ate healthy yesterday, I can eat something now and then not eat any junk the entire day. I have almost finished 1.5 liters of water also today,” she thought to herself.

“It’s lunch time, if I eat something now, I am sure I’ll burn it off in the day. I am not really that fat you know. I am curvy, and curvy is nice,” she reasoned.

She knew she had recently put on 2kgs and now she was scared.

She gave in to the craving and had a proper lunch thali in the office cafeteria. The minute the plate was empty, she felt guilt creeping on to her.

Who has made these rules anyway?

Why are we told to watch out weight, figure, size etc. so much?

All she needed was a little encouragement and assurance that she is beautiful, sexy, pretty and hot just the way she is.

Guys, if you are reading this, please do let the women in your life know that she is amazing and beautiful and that you love her just the way she is. You have no idea how much we girls beat ourselves up.

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