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Planet Hollywood, Goa – Review | Luxury Beach Resorts and 5 Star Hotel in South Goa

If you are looking for a chill luxurious holiday then Planet Hollywood in South Goa is just the place for you.  I went there around two weeks back for a quick weekend away, and I am so glad that I did. I love weekends away and holidays, and I love them more so when they are the right mix of luxury and chill. If I had to talk about one best thing about Planet Hollywood then it would be their hospitality.
The staff was really nice and they make you feel special the minute you walk in. We got very late, and reached way past the check-in time I had informed them. They were worried about when we walk in because they wanted to set up the food and other amenities in the room. We were driving down from Mumbai and lost our way a little before Goa ( blog post on the same would be up soon) they were kind enough to call and check up on us at regular intervals.

The minute we walked it, Ranveer was ready at the gate to welcome us. The fact that he addressed me by my name added the personal touch which I love. Understanding that we were very tired, they showed us our room immediately. He asked us when we would like to have dinner, and we told him to give us around 2 hours to relax.

The dinner was arranged at the Presidential Villa, the Presidential Villa is open only for a select few.  It makes more sense to book the villa when you are heading here with a large family. The interior here is done by Gauri Khan, that woman does have elegance which is reflected in the villa.
As I was talking about hospitality, they had curated a mean for us and the menu had my name written on it. These small little personal touches is what makes this place special.

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The room
The room is stunning, the bed is comfortable, the bathroom is clean and cozy, the balcony which oversees the pool was inviting,  they have a small little chair and recliner in the balcony to curl up on at nights. We had a few canapés and alcohol, along with the tea coffee and a kettle ready for us in the room. They also had a digital photo-frame with my pictures on it, really like the personal touch here. That’s not all, they also had a wine bottle with my name on it! The star element was the leg massager in the room, since we were so tired, we immediately took turns to massage our legs, it really helped!
The room is very comfortable and clean, the housekeeping staff is on their toes all the time and you won’t find a reason to complain when it comes to cleanliness. The bed is soft and cozy, they have satin pillows and bed sheets which does make you feel like a royalty. The washroom supplies also were from Kama Ayurveda, thus I was glad that my hair is not going to go for a toss as it is a trusted brand that I have used in the past.

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Other Amenities
The resort has something for everyone, not very big but aesthetically spread out. They have a Spa, Gym, Play Area, Bar and the Swimming Pool. They also have two restaurants — Planet Dailies and Fame. The regular Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner buffet happens at Planet Dailies while you’ll find the A La Carte menu at Fame. We tried both the places and they have yummy food, the breakfast and meal spread is fabulous and they have something for everyone.  We only had dinner once at Fame but again it was really yummy. We tried their Sushi platter, and if you go here and happen to like Sushi then you should eat here, the Sushi here is amazing!

I also tried their Spa, the tired me really needed that. I opted for their Hot Lava Stone Full Body Massage. The massage lasted for around two hours, and it is my personal belief that I dozed off during the massage. It was so relaxing and calming. They have 5 massage rooms and offer a number of massage options, I am sure you’ll find the one which is right for you here. The masseuse was kind and always took care of my comfort first. She started off with a quick foot scrub and then moved on to the massage. The therapy rooms are clean, spacious and calming. The ambient lighting, room temperature and the music which was playing in the background all collaborated to calm and relax you. 

If you are not a massage person then maybe you can check out the gym. They have a fully functional gym so you don’t miss out on your workout. They also have an instructor there in case you need any assistance.

The pool opens up early in the morning and is open till late evening; you can go in for a quick dip whenever you please. When I was there, it was raining thus making the pool look all the more inviting. The beach is also a two minute walk away; if you walk fast it is a minute away. You can directly go to the beach right from the resort.

They have a children’s play area as well. They also have a small little organic garden and the horticulture specialist will be more than happy to take you on a short tour of the garden. They have tons of herbs and vegetables which they grow right there in the resort. The horticulture specialist informed us about a number of herbs and plants and how to use them in our daily lives. We also had coconut water from two huge coconuts – one green and the other one was red.

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The Picnic

I don’t even remember the last time I went on a proper actual picnic. They were more than happy to show us around a little bit, they suggested that we go for a cycle ride and to the museum and to the Three Kings Church. The cycle ride didn’t happen because it was raining that day, I was not very kicked about the Museum because I have been there as a child but the Three Kings Church was what I was looking forward to. The church which is rumoured to be haunted is on top of a small hill. The place is cordoned off but people still do skip the closed gate and go to the church. There were not many people there when we went, we took a few pictures and boomerangs. The view from the top is beautiful, you can see the sea on one side and the paddy fields on the other. The chef at Planet Hollywood had packed us a picnic basket and it was so nice to sit there and have tea and cake. We also had fruits, sandwiches and samosas!

Like honestly, they didn’t really have to go out of their way to make my holiday interesting but they did! And I really appreciate that. People take days off and go somewhere to get away from their mundane routine and city life, gestures like these really do touch people. I am going to remember that picnic for a long time now, and every time someone asks me for recommendations, this place will be amongst the first that ill name.


  1. Nice blog. Will see if can stay there when visit goa. Beautiful pics. Well captured.

  2. The place looks cosy.. Food looks yum.. You look happy...
    Which means it was a perfect picnic I guess! Thanks for sharing your experiences..

  3. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.