Monday, October 2, 2017

Day Trip To Alibaug | Weekend Away Near Mumbai and Pune

I went to Alibaug yesterday, it was an impromptu plan. It was a day well spent. We drove to Alibaug, on second thoughts – should have taken the ferry. Taking the ferry would have been faster and since we ended up only going to Mandwa, ferry would have been a good idea. As it was a sudden plan, we didn’t really figure out where to go so took the car. I had been to Alibaug a couple of months ago and the roads were much better! The roads are horrible now and it is one long wobbly ride to reach there.  
We left from Mumbai at around noon and after two stops on the way reached Mandwa at 5pm. We took our first stop at this one Nursery on the way – they rightly call themselves ‘Plant Mall’. It is this one big plant shop where you will find more or less every indoor and outdoor plant along with equipments to take of it. I loved the place and would love to go there again. They have a number of sections to cater to your needs – outdoor plants, indoor plants, aquatic, medicinal, kitchen etc. I bought four plants, Curry Leaves, Lemon Grass, Bamboo Plant and a Climber. I asked them to pot the plant and gave me so that I don’t have to do much once I get them home.

We then stopped for a quick bite at a small restaurant on the way.

We reached Mandwa and decided to take a stroll on the beach. Remember to carry a mat if you are planning to sit on the beach. I forgot the carry something to sit on. Since we reached the place in the evening, it was perfect! The sun was low, the breeze was perfect, it wasn’t very hot – perfect for a picnic. Next time, I shall make sure I have a picnic basket and a mat to make this place perfect.

I had heard about this one restaurant at Mandwa and decided to go there for dinner; it is called Broadwalk by Flamboyant. The place is nice; I suggest you go there in the evening so that you are able to click some nice pictures.  I’ll do a proper review on it in another post. Although, if you are planning to go there do make sure you reserve a table. They are generally full.

We left from there at around 9pm and after long wobbly ride we were home at around 1am.

(The government does need to fix the roads ASAP!)