About Me

I am 20 something girl from Mumbai documenting life as it happens and voicing my opinion about different things through this blog. I am a media student and this was my first way of expressing myself and my views to the world.

My twitter bio says - Media Student. Blogger. Being Curious. Getting inspired. Mumbaikar. Love Reading. Bollywood Fan. SRK Fan. All Views Personal. and that pretty much sums me up.

 This blog was started on a lazy afternoon back in 2008 and it has since been with me through thick and thin. Since this blog has been with me for so long I prefer to be true to it, without any pretense. I blog about things that matter to me, it can be me expressing something that is happening around me, product review, a story that I feel like sharing, personal experiences, useful tips and tricks etc. I prefer writing what I really feel, review products truthfully and keeping it as personal as possible.

This blog gave me an identity. There is a proud smile on my face whenever I tell someone that I am a Blogger.

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  1. Hi Pooja ..
    I came to know about your blog through a video you posted on youtube about your Adlabs Aquamagica visit ...I liked to way you have presented it .. lot of efforts must have gone in ..
    btw the blog is also nice and helps about recipes ...
    Cool ..