Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Happy!

Hey people, you remember sometime back I had mentioned about a friend of mine named abhishek who I had lost contact with for a long time. You can check that post here.

Well I am glad to announce that he is back. I just had a talk with him and he is fine and back on track. Gosh I was just so worried abut him. now I am relieved and just relaxed about him

I just wished to share it with you guys!

PS – I am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy happppyyyyyyyy


  1. congratz :) u changed ur template again!! i liked the older one more.

  2. hey the template makes it bit hard to read and is quite disoriented..are u trying to strech ur pic or something??

  3. hi...........nice work and nice thoughts.........

  4. May b this is ur one of the best pic........actuly i want to b ur friend on orkut sao can v b friends??

  5. Good :).

    Btw ur pic on the side is overlapping with the text which kinda makes it difficult to read.

  6. Gr8... Sharing the happiness makes it double... Hope you got ur happiness doubled by sharing it with us.... :-)

    U remember pooja???? I wished you to get uf r friend back soon in that post... So u got him now...

    When are you going to give us the treat then??? :-P