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Unfinished: A Memoir By Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Book Review

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Social Media Guilt

Social Media insights are interesting; they give me such control over the content that I post. Insights help me understand that if I post regularly, my profile will grow. It tells me what time of day my followers are most active and if I post around that time, ill get better interaction. These very insights also tells me that a picture where a little cleavage is showing would get a lot more shares and likes – even though I have covered every bit of my body except for that tiny bit of cleavage. While this well oiled machinery of social media platforms demanding content from me and I subserviently providing it to them, just to stay relevant and not let my “reach” drop, worked well for a while. It came to a grinding halt around a month ago when the Covid-19 situation in the country hit the roof.  Even though we have been dealing with the situation for over a year now, we didn’t see the cases worsen and the situation get this bad until around a month ago. We were, well... managing.

An offbeat budget trip to Mahabaleshwar and Tapola Lake — Treebo, JP Cottage — Don't do the "touristy" things — Different side of Mahabaleshwar

I recently went to Mahabaleshwar for some quite chill time. The initial plan was to go in the last week of January to enjoy some of the cold weather. However, when I compared the hotel prices with first week of February, there was a huge difference; we thus ended up postponing our trip by a week. Happy to inform that it was still cold. I generally do this, I always check prices for various dates, this way I get to pick the cheapest option available and I alter my plans accordingly. Since we currently have the option of working from home, we decided to carry our laptops and work from there instead – our little workation. And since it was a workation, we could manage to travel on the weekday. The weather anyway used to get a little hot in the afternoon, so we anyway didn’t step out, so working from the hotel room with a nice view worked for us. We categorically decided to avoid all the touristy things to avoid the crowd and visit places where we knew there won’t be many people. Under

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